Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls

by Edwin

You know how it is with kids – they want to be comforted at night whenever it starts to get all dark, and some of them find it difficult to get to sleep if parents do not chase out all the (imaginary or otherwise) monsters out of the room, if any. Well, a little bit of light might provide courage to your little ones to sleep alone at night, and …

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Children’s Night Vision Monocular helps kids live out Spy Kids fantasy

by Edwin

So your kid has dragged you to the cinema to catch the latest Spy Kids instalment which frankly, is one of those movies that should never have been made. I’m serious – the movie itself is a travesty so to speak, and tack on the gimmick of 3D on a non-descript movie and you’ve got a major disaster on your hands. Well, assuming they have yet to discover the difference …

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Harry Potter Illuminated Wand Pen

by Edwin

I knew it – there was no such thing as phoenix feathers powering a magic want – but rather, batteries. Yes sir, batteries are the stuff of life, at least on the Muggle side of things over here. After all, cracking open the $9.99 Harry Potter Illuminated Wand Pen won’t reveal any feather of sorts inside, and I must say that this wand works differently from the rest – in …

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Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System

by Edwin

Talk about competitive! If you think that the modern world has somehow forgot to stop and smell the roses, then you are probably correct. After all, why bother cramming more knowledge down the brains of our poor children when they are meant to explore the world in a sense of wonder? Now with devices like this 99.99 Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System, it seems that the game of one up-manship is …

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Fisher Price presents the Laugh & Learn Apptivity case

by Mark R

I know that my four-year-old son loves to play with our iPhone, but his slimy hands are not the ones I want holding an iDevice. Griffin made a product known as the Woogie that can protect the iPod/iPhone from baby damage, and now Fisher-Price has entered this niche market with the Laugh & Learn Apptivity case. The case puts the phone in one of those baby toys that have the …

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Max Force Shadowhawk 100

by Edwin

Think that you have it in you to be a sharpshooter from a distance? Then you might want to see just what the 39.99 Max Force Shadowhawk 100 is able to offer – it is capable of firing similar soft paper ammo as its smaller sibling, the Max Force Maximiser 60, although this two-handed weapon is far more potent as it delivers the punch for you to immerse yourself in …

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R/C Battling Robot Dinosaur

by Edwin

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, they battled it out with each other in colossal fights, literally throwing their weight around to gain the upper claw. Well, all it took was a wayward meteor to end their reign on earth, and fast forward to today, we have dinosaurs that come in the form of robots. Far smaller than their original ancestors, these still retain their mean streak, …

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App Control Desk Pets

by Edwin

“My dog ate my homework” used to be one of the more cliched excuses kids give their teachers whenever they mismanaged their time at home, but I suppose this excuse has not worn itself out just yet. If that is the case and you are a teacher, why not purchase the App Control Desk Pets for the cheeky yet delinquent child and exchange his/her dog for it, momentarily? This is …

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