AT&T partners with Amber Alert GPS

by Edwin

Gone are the days when you can trust your little one to have some fun outdoors without worrying yourself silly over whether there is some weirdo out there who is stalking your kid. This has led to a growth in the market of child security, where devices such as kid-friendly cell phones as well as emergency buzzers have been released, and this time around we have mobile carrier AT&T work …

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LEGO Sort and Store

by Edwin

Forget about IKEA’s storage solutions for once – if you’re a huge fan of the LEGO franchise with its bricks that perfectly fit into one another at the correct grooves thanks to the wonders of modern engineering, then you would also need a place to stash away all those rogue LEGO bricks. We’re talking about the $44.99 LEGO Sort and Store, where it measures a rather cavernous 12″ tall and …

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Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory

by Edwin

If you think that you have the imagination of Geiger and can come up with something as creepy as aliens and other xenomorphs, then you might want to invest $19.99 in the Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory. This is one unique way of creating creepy crystalized creatures, and it also allows you to study the properties of crystals in this science kit itself. While anyone from as young as 10 is …

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Sibling Tricycle promotes sharing

by Edwin

What’s life without a little bit of conflict here and there? The $299.99 Sibling Tricycle that you see above might cause a dent in your monthly budget, but at least it kills two birds with one stone, but I might dig up another feathered friend to the collection if I manage to find more points to support the purchase of this particular trike. For one, you need to buy only …

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NERF brand dresses up tech gear from Sakar

by Edwin

Do you have a penchant for NERF blasters and shooters? Well, if that brand is one of your favorites when it comes to outdoor toys for your kids, then you will be pleased to hear that there is now a partnership with NERF and Sakar International, resulting in Hasbro licensed products that will include NERF-branded night vision goggles, helmet cams and other audio, visual and technology merchandise. Guess playing the …

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Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player

by Edwin

The Apple iPod touch has proved to be quite the sexy MP3 player, but is it cute? That’s definitely not the adjective that one uses to describe the iPod touch, but that does not mean there are no other devices out there that are able to melt your heart with a glance. Case in point, the $59.99 Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player. Sure, it might seem to be overkill to fork …

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NERF Vortex Disc Blaster

by Edwin

Summer is out and school’s in, but that does not mean you still cannot have some fun with your family in your backyard at the end of the day and during the weekend, right? With the new $19.99 NERF Vortex Disc Blaster, this unique disc blaster will be able to carry a payload of 5 discs, blasting discs towards your opponent instead of darts. Somehow, there is just this psychological …

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Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman

by Edwin

Ever read a Batman comic and wondered just what you would have done differently if you were the caped crusader? Sure, you have the benefit of hindsight since you know how the story pans out, but pretend for a while that you are in Bruce Wayne’s shoes – would you do what he has done? If you feel that you would have taken a different route, then might I interest …

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