Jump And Learn Trampoline

by Edwin

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, or so the saying goes. Well, if that is the case, why not get Jack (or Jane, depending on the gender of your little one) the $119.95 Jump And Learn Trampoline? Yes sir, this will certainly be useful to work off all that extra energy that the little ‘un has accumulated in a safe and controlled manner. After all, there …

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Heavens And Earth Educating Globe

by Edwin

Getting an education is an expensive affair these days – don’t believe me? Check out the insane prices of college and university tuition fees and come back to me. Well, getting a scholarship might be the way out for some folks, and in order to do that, one must be a well-rounded student. Why not as parents, you can always start them young at home – and what better way …

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Award Winning Stroller To Tricycle

by Edwin

When someone describes something as “award winning”, one would most probably think of the Oscars or perhaps, the Grammys. Guess things are slightly different when you drop things down by several notches – case in point, the $179.95 Award Winning Stroller To Tricycle, which is pretty much self-explanatory. This unique toy picked up the Nuremburg Toy Fair’s prestigious “Toy Innovation” award, as it is a stroller which is capable of …

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Dr Who Cybernetics

by Edwin

Fancy your little one growing up to be an engineer, a career path that you thought you would have taken if not for the lack of finances? Well, you can start him or her young with this 24.99 Dr Who Cybernetics purchase, where you are able to reanimate those who were left for dead with the Dr Who Cybernetics kit. Thanks to a bunch of different circuit boards which allows …

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Gomu Star Wars Eraserland

by Edwin

Some of us collect stamps, others prefer bugs, but what about erasers? OK, so you might snigger at this particular hobby, but different strokes for different folks, right? If you (or your kid) absolutely loves Star Wars and want to collect as many other officially licensed items associated with the space opera, then surely you will be broke before you’re done with your task. Surely there is a more selective …

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Children’s Configurable Fort

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like the imagination of a child to maximize something as simple as a cardboard box, where he or she turns it into a plane, a submarine, a race car, or even a fort. Well, sometimes you might want to encourage even more creative thinking through treats here and there, and I don’t suppose you can go wrong with the $199.95 Children’s Configurable Fort? Yes sir, this …

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Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

by Edwin

You grew up watching Star Trek on your TV, and did keep your fingers crossed that one day, you will be able to pass on the love for the sci-fi franchise down to your next generation. Well, now that you’re married and all with a kid in tow, here’s your chance. Inculcate the early doctrines of Star Trek through subtle use of items around your kid, such as the $24.99 …

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Griffin Technology launches the Woogie 2

by Mark R

A while ago, we announced that Griffin Technology was creating the Woogie. For those who don’t know what the Woogie is, it is a way of storing an iPhone or iPod Touch in a furry covering so a toddler or other little child can play with it. Well, like everything in today’s society, anything that is even fairly decent gets a sequel. Therefore, Griffin Technology would like to present, the …

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