Four Shared Cube – Lite Brite

by Edwin

Are you just bursting with creative juices that you just need to find an avenue to let it all out? You might want to consider the $29.99 Four Shared Cube – Lite Brite then, as this little puppy allows you to conjure up your very own lighted artwork with another 3 friends to assist you. Boasting three hundred pegs, 8 pattern sheets as well as a quartet of blank sheets, …

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Rocking And Rolling Elmo for this Christmas

by Edwin

Forget about tickling Elmo – here is the $79.95 Rocking And Rolling Elmo from Hammacher that comes in an animatronic plush model, where he will actually play his very own instruments as well as make music with his vocal chords. Some of his musical equipment include a microphone, tambourine, and a couple of bongo drums. Not only that, he is smart enough to tell the difference between one and another …

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Origami Baby Stroller can fold by itself

by Mark R

In Up in the Air, George Clooney advises his protege not to follow someone with a stroller through airport security, as he has “never seen a stroller that has taken less than thirty minutes to take down”. That is an exaggeration, but as someone who once purchased a folding stroller, that is about how long it took me to learn how to fold one. Fortunately, the 4moms Shop has come …

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LittleBits for the little engineer in your home

by Edwin

When it comes to your kids, do you want them to live out your dream, or do you prefer them to pursue their very own dreams and ideas instead? I know that it can get pretty hard if you and three generations before you have been running a bakery, and here comes your tiny tot who wants to be an engineer when he grows up. I say, forget about following …

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Waterball Cannons for some splashing fun

by Edwin

I know that summer is long gone, and with everyone wearing thick layers of clothing now to make sure they remain warm and insulated from the coming winter’s chill, here is a toy that you might just want to consider for next year’s watergun fight – the $39.95 Waterball Cannons. Yes sir, this particular cannon will not dispense pellets like a BB gun which sting from up close and personal, …

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Lullabelly Maternity Musical Device

by Edwin

We live in an extremely competitive world, and parents these days want their kids to get ahead of the rest even from the womb itself, hence you see many of these “baby aids” that intend to help the development of the foetus in the market. ThinkGeek does not want to get left behind as well, hence their $59.99 Lullabelly Maternity Musical Device, which is actually a pre-natal music belt which …

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Swimfin for laughs and giggles at the pool

by Edwin

I am quite sure that everyone has watched “Jaws” at least once in their life, and the iconic background tune that builds up a sense of tension is clearly one which is for the ages. Well, if you want to inject a sense of urgency in the pool the next time your kids jump inside, why not let them wear the £21.99 Swimfin instead? Available in blue, pink and grey …

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Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek

by Edwin

So your little geekling is still too young to own a driving license, but he or she has been badgering you non-stop to get him/her a ride. Since Christmas is around the corner and you want to keep your youngling happy, why not stimulate our nation’s economy in the process by forking out $299.99 for the Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek? Yes sir, this toy will definitely make the young Whovian …

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