X Out – Acne Meds Go High Tech

by Julie

Oh the joys of adolescent acne, with few very lucky exceptions, who among us didn’t suffer with at least a few dreaded teenage pimples? I remember making a much bigger deal out of the occasional zit than it actually was, and I guess that’s what being young is all about. Who knew when you got to be an adult you’d have a whole lot more to worry about. Nonetheless, the …

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Origami is first power folding stroller in the world

by Edwin

Check out the Origami – most of the time, first time parents find that going out with a little baby in tow is not an easy task at all, as one needs to figure out all the possible eventualities, and bring along enough provisions. Well, setting up a standard stroller could prove challenging, especially when you are already carrying a couple of bags across your shoulders. Well, the Origami might …

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Ila Dusk’s Personal Screaming Alarm – Hope You Never Need It

by Julie

I worry about safety quite often, probably more than I should. Mostly, I worry about my daughter, she’s nine years old and I sometimes wonder if I have made her too aware of dangerous things, or worse, not aware enough. How do you protect yourself and your children? What exactly should she do if a stranger approached her? Yes, we have gone over the scenario plenty of times, but if …

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Pyramid 4 Person Game Timer

by Edwin

Board games do help a family to come together, but sometimes, there might be tiffs that break out simply because one person stepped on the other person’s tail. Of course, there is another rather shady area to be aware of – timekeeping, which led to some board game designers include a timer with the boxed set. Well, the $24.99 Pyramid 4 Person Game Timer is a digital representation of keeping …

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RingStix – a Stab at Something New

by Julie

Did you ever wonder why some games come and go, and other games last a lifetime? What is it that takes an old classic like the Frisbee and turns it into a toy that everyone knows, and everyone still plays. Do you ever go to the beach even in this day and age and not see someone with a Frisbee. What makes a toy or a game special like that? Could …

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Archos Child Pad targets the little ones

by Edwin

Like father, like son, or so the saying goes. Most young parents would have most probably gone through this particular conversation with their little ones – as to why daddy and/or mummy can carry an iPad and an iPhone, but little Jeremy cannot. The reason is simple – how can a little kid know about good stewardship? Surely there will be mistakes along the way, and replacing a broken iPad …

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Happitaps iPhone Interactive Bear

by Edwin

iPhones and other forms of smartphones are so commonplace these days, you would be hard pressed to find someone with a featurephone instead. Well, if you happen to own an iPhone and have run out of creative methods to keep your little one occupied during a long road trip, here is something which you can consider. For just $19.99 a pop, the Happitaps iPhone Interactive Bear should get the job …

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Duo Pop – a Gameshow for your iPad

by Julie

Ever since I was little, I always loved the idea of family game night. It always made me feel special and I always had so much fun! I guess psychologists have a million different reasons why family time is so important to the development of a child. I just know it was one of the highlights of being a kid, and it made me feel a whole lot closer to …

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