NERF Jolt Mini Blaster

by Edwin

I have yet to meet someone who absolutely loathes NERF guns as well as other toys inspired by it. Of course, it can get a tad irritating at times, especially when you have a tight deadline to meet, and someone in the office (or your kid if you are working from home) starts sending NERF darts your way, never mind that they are not poisoned tipped but just made out …

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Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter

by Edwin

Mom always chided us for playing with our food, and I am quite sure a toy like this $34.99 Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter will never sell back in her day, as well as in previous generations. This is partly due to the values of yore, where life was pretty tough back then, and food was extremely scarce during those two World Wars. Well, times have certainly changed over the years, …

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Child Piloted Tumbler

by Edwin

Children should be given the chance to live out their childhood to the fullest – instead of being “tethered” to books, so to speak, all the time. I guess that at the end of the day, there needs to be a careful balance between having fun while learning. If your kid has an adventurous streak in him or her, then you might want to consider a pre-summer purchase of the …

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Bandai outs their own robot dog

by Edwin

Getting a dog is more often than not a dream of many a kid, but as parents find out after a while, only the most disciplined of children are able to ensure that the pooch in their possession remains under the right kind of care and responsibility, while majority of the other kids tend to leave the furkid in the care of parents, but maximizing the playtime potential instead. Bandai …

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Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit – Yikes!

by Julie

I am sure most of you remember OWI’s award winning Salt Water Fuel Cell Car. Well I have to tell you that the second generation of this awesome technology appears to be that much cooler, unless your afraid of spiders! The Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit gives once again gives our kids the opportunity to learn about new forms of clean energy, and they get to build and power their very …

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Why Cry Baby Analyzer – So You’ll Know Exactly Why you arent Sleeping

by Julie

I am an only child of only children, so my experience with babies is pretty limited. When I had my own child I wasn’t quite sure of anything. I’m quite certain there were times I gave her milk when she wanted to sleep and gave her a nice cuddle when she just wanted to be left alone. Heck, I’m still doing that and she’s already nine. If only they had …

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Fohawx – Making Safety Cool, one Helmet at a Time

by Julie

My daughter hates to wear her helmet. She says its hot, it feels weird, and its not cool.  I always try to recount some horrendous emergency room scenarios that involve fracturedskulls and hundreds of stiches. She doesnt see how having your head cracked open is a whole lot less cool than an ugly helmet. I make her wear it, but I know she secretly grumbles about it behind my back. The …

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Tiwi – Better than a Nagging Mom

by Julie

There are few things that strike terror in my heart as quickly and deeply as the thought that someday, sooner than I would like to admit, my little girl will be driving a car. Its hard to imagine the kid, who still cant get milk directly into the cereal bowl, will be out and on the open road. Joking aside, its an awesome thought, one made more ominous by the never ending news …

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