Kids Swiss Army Knife

by Edwin

So your little tyke wants to be all grown up like daddy and own his or her own set of tools? Of course, giving hardware that has sharp ends and edges which cut stuff up like a hot knife through butter to children who are unable to handle such tools with maturity is never a good idea, as you can never quite tell just when an accident might happen. ThinkGeek …

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Banana Bunker – Practice Safe Snacking

by Julie

Do we ever think about the tragedies that we narrowly escape everyday? Do we lie in bed at night and realize what could have been, and say “Thank you” for every unspeakable horror that we somehow avoided. I do, and today I actually know one disaster I was cosmically saved from. My daughter put an unprotected banana in her backpack, with her textbooks, her iPad and her brand new gym …

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Light Up Big Bang Rocket

by Edwin

Kids these days are extremely hard to please. When Christmas comes around and they do not find the new iPad underneath the Christmas tree, expect them to throw a tantrum that you would never have dared to back in your younger days. The trick is to insulate them from all of these gadgets and gizmos that they would spend just a few days with before they get bored of it …

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Postcarden – the Desktop Garden you can Mail

by Julie

I am always looking for cute little items that are unique and different, not just because its my job, but because I always like to have some neat little trinkets laying around if the need should arise. Teacher gifts, thank-you’s, birthday greetings… heck, wouldn’t an original holiday card be fun? I am sick of candles, chocolates and beautifully boxed handsoaps – Isn’t there anything else? There is now, this morning …

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Griffin and Crayola team up for Crayola MyPhones, Color Clickers and Crayon Classics

by Edwin

Kids love playing, but most of the time these days, the kind of games that they play are of the video variety. It is about time you helped them get out of the house and lose that pasty complexion, where running around in the park and rolling in grass should be made as a mandatory childhood experience – not to mention climbing trees and having hours of fun in a …

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Maximizer 60 Spitball Blaster

by Edwin

Back at school, you most probably spent your fair share of time firing spitballs at one another, using the straw as your launch weapon of choice. Not only was it fun, it was also messy and disgusting at the same time, leading you to ask the “Oh God, why?” question now that you are all grown up. Unfortunately, the straw is a poor weapon of choice since it is slow …

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Loudmouth Leo – the Animated Speaker for almost Anything with Audio

by Julie

I have to admit I’m a sucker for toys, I still love every conceivable plaything known to mankind. It’s not unusual for my daughter and I to be yelling at each other about whose “turn” it is, after all, it’s only fair that everyone gets a chance and I am trying to teach her a valuable life lesson. Well, at least that’s my story. So when she brought this next item to …

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Brick Brites light up your desk

by Edwin

Everyone loves LEGO, I haven’t seen someone who hates these creative blocks that allows you to explore your constructive side. Well, ThinkGeek has something different for everyone this time around, thanks to the $9.99 Brick Brites that will actually light up like a disco ball, except for the fact that these will not come in a round shape, but rather, a rectangular block that we have all come to know …

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