5 of the Coolest Kids Tablets

by Al

Barbie Fashion tablet

While most tablets tend to target the male demographic, here is something just for the pink loving princess in your life. I am talking about the Barbie Fashion tablet from Oregon Scientific here, where it has less practicality and functionality than being a fashion icon for the little girl in your life. Similar to the craze surrounding Hello Kitty products, Barbie, being an international fashion icon, has her very own tablet that certainly abhors all things high tech, as it lacks even the most basic necessity these days – a color LCD display. At least the monochrome LCD display is touch sensitive, and it comes with a stylus in addition to a range of learning activities like writing, drawing, music making, vocabulary building, sequencing, and memorizing amongst others.

There is a range of themes that accompany the Barbie Fashion tablet including fashion, design, pets, and parties, not to mention handwriting recognition. Seems to be more of a gift for collectors and fans of Barbie rather than having it being a functional, working tablet, but you cannot really complain much at $49.95.

Full specs over at Oregon Scientific and also available (cheaper) from Amazon.com

Nabi 2 tablet

“Power…unlimited power!” Or so the saying goes when Palpatine announced his identity to Jedi Master Mace Windu through a blast of Force Lightning, after Anakin Skywalker intervened by cutting of Mace’s saber hand. Well, the same can be applied to the tablet market – specifically for little ones out there. The Nabi 2 tablet as it is called is one device that you are able to give to your kids who want to imitate their parents who own “real” tablets. The Nabi 2 allows your little one to play and learn in a meaningful manner, and while the $199 price tag clearly makes this one of the more expensive tablets in the market – even for kids. Basically, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, so the amount of money you “invest” into the Nabi 2 would clearly reflect in the device that your kid finally holds in his or her hands, where it sports a 7″ capacitive display at 1,024 x 600 resolution, powered by the Tegra 3 processor and accompanied by 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, a 2-megapixel camera with 720p resolution recording capability, a mini HDMI output, USB 2.0, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

LeapFrog LeapsterGS tablet

Here is a tablet that you might want to consider getting for your little one if you want to stretch your budget by a whole lot – especially when you hand over a Benjamin for the LeapFrog LeapsterGS, and you will receive $30 in change, thanks to the $69.99 price point slapped onto the LeapFrog LeapsterGS. Targeting the edutainment (education and entertainment) niche, the LeapFrog LeapsterGS will also feature an integrated camera with video recording capability, not to mention throwing in a motion sensor. Not only that, there is also a fair amount of software and apps in its digital library so that your kids are able to get started off on the right footing. Underneath the hood lies a LF 2000 processor that is accompanied by a kid-friendly multi-button controls to help the LeapsterGS being able to engage with little ones better. Specially designed to work with kids aged from 4 to 9 years, you can always choose to purchase additional software and apps through downloads at $5 a pop, although game cartridges will cost more at $24.99.

Further info oover on Leapfrog, also available at Amazon.com.

Archos Child Pad 2

The little ones in your home would definitely want to own a tablet to emulate their dad and mom at work, so here is something from Archos that you might want to consider. The Archos Child Pad 2 will come with a capacitive touchscreen display which is different from its predecessor, the original Child Pad. The price point remains the same at $129 though, which is a good thing. We are looking at 1GB RAM in addition to a 1GHz processor underneath the hood, not to mention being able to access the Kids App Store. Not only that, Archos has also made sure that your kids will not be able to access websites that you do not want them to have a peep – and this is made possible thanks to the inclusion of parental controls. The Archos Child Pad 2 will be powered by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so you can be sure that you are able to get some Angry Birds action going on.

Archos Child Pad on Amazon.com.

Genius Kids Designer II tablet

Not all tablets are created equal, and I guess you can apply that particular saying to the Genius Kids Designer II. This is a graphics tablet which has been specially built up by Genius to be able to help accelerate the learning as well as assist kids in unleashing their creative potential. Just make sure your little ones are aged from 3 to 8 years old in order to wring the most out of the Genius Kids Designer II. The Genius Kids Designer II will be different from other Android-powered tablets with a custom interface located right on top of it, as it will have its fair share of software pre-installed. Kids being kids, surely all work and no play would make them a dull person, which is why Genius decided to throw in 15 games right out of the box with a wide range of difficulty levels, sporting a large 5”x8” display for your little one to interact with. Other features include large volume controls that can be accessed easily, and there is a cordless stylus for your little one to draw or paint with on the tablet’s display. The asking price for the Genius Kids Designer II? $64.99 a pop.

Genius Kids Designer 2 and again available over at Amazon.com

Techie Baby Gear

by Alison

A person can only get so excited about baby stuff – especially if you are not a parent like me. We buy our gift, somewhat clueless as to what is truly helpful to parents yet unique at the same time. And for those of you that are parents, you just want to find things that are useful! Cute quickly gets replaced by practical. 4moms hears us all. This fairly young …

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Wrap Your Straps with Kool Strapz

by Alison

Young and old alike own bags and backpacks. But inevitably they all begin to look the same. Ever grabbed the wrong bag while leaving a packed conference room? I am certain many of you have made return trips to school to track down a missing backpack of a little one. Now there is a “kool” accessory that will help avoid those mishaps and let you, or the student in your …

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Equip the Young Gadgeteers (K-6)

by Alison

Send your little one off to school right with these hip supplies:

NinjaGo For School

LEGO’s Ninjago is the latest in their Ninja series. No ninja or Ninjago fan should venture to school without the latest gear. Though they may not help the ninja find the four weapons of Spinjitzu this gear, on Amazon, will keep their school supplies and lunch safe.

IRIS LEGO Storage Case, $11.99: Perfect for pencils and other small supplies.

LEGO Green Ninjago Stare Insulated Lunch Tote, $29.99: Keep the bad guys away from the food!

LEGO 16″ Ninjago Backpack, $64.99: Store all of the days needs.


Batman Saves Gotham…and Lunch

Everyone is talking Batman. So get your little one in the game with the hippest lunchbox in school for just $21.99 on Amazon. This dual-compartment, caped kit by Thermos will keep lunch fresh. The upper compartment is tall enough for goodies of all sizes. The bottom compartment contains a resealable container. There is  a small zipper pocket, perfect for storing milk money.  And the lining is easy cleaning, making the parent’s job easier.



Stop and Smell the Artwork

Make your little artist stand out among the crowd with Smencils Scented Pencils for just $14.99 at ThinkGeek.com. This 10 pack of odiferous writing utensils consists of standard #2 colored graphite. They can be sharpened just like any other pencil. And the scent is guaranteed for two years.

AT-AT Utility Bag

by Alison

The AT-AT, the memorable mechanical beasts of the Empire in Star Wars are a sight to behold. I still think they are the coolest bit of technology used in attempts to squash the Rebels. Now you can take the Empire’s technology with you on your shoulder. Thinkgeek.com called in a favor to the company that made the AT-AT Plush Backpack and is offering an exclusive AT-AT Plush Utility Bag for …

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Mushabellies AR – Where Fantasy and the Real World Collide

by Julie

As if I needed yet another reason for my kiddo to beg me to use my iPad or iPhone. It starting to seem to me that she uses the darn things more than I do, and she’s better at it too! She’s constantly showing me how to do things that I can’t. Now if she can only remember to put the stuff back on the carter when she’s done… In …

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Wibit Sports Park – Want to Buy a real Water Wonderland?

by Julie

Sure, we’ve introduced you to all kinds of water toys, slides and pools, jet boats and water bikes. There really does seem to be an endless supply of water related gadgets and gizmos, but every now and then you come across the quintessential water amusement, the thing that makes all else pale in comparison, and that my friends, is what I found for you today. Behold the Wibit Sports Park …

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Spacecraft 3D – Up Close, and Personal with NASA

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Here at Coolest-Gadgets.com we have already told you about the availability of civilian space travel, now I’m not naming any names, but some of us are simply a little too nervous to just whip into space, no matter how comfy the ride may be. Thats not to say I’m not curious… Well, let me introduce you to Spacecraft 3D, a NASA-created application that brings some of the agency’s amazing robotic …

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