Adventure Time Battle of Ooo Playset

by Edwin

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and you certainly would not want Jack to end up growing as a dull boy, would you? I guess this is where some time out and toys would come in handy, and for just $24.99, you would be able to have plenty of fun with the Adventure Time Battle of Ooo Playset from ThinkGeek. Yes sir, the …

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Spaceman VFO Hand Sensor Electric RC Helicopter UFO

by Edwin

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah, it is neither, but rather, chances are your neighbors and kids in the vicinity would be looking at the $14.95 Spaceman VFO Hand Sensor Electric RC Helicopter UFO. I am not quite sure just how true the claim of this being “the most advanced RC toy ever” is, but basically, it will be able to float around in a stationary manner just like …

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Desk Pets announce BattleTank

by Edwin

Desk Pets International Limited might sound familiar to some of us, as it is the manufacturer of interactive and action-packed micro-robotic toys and gadgets, where some of them include the CarBot, SkitterBot, and TrekBot among others. Well, the latest device from them would be known as the BattleTank, where it comes in the form of a palm-sized robotic tank which is said to be fully controllable regardless of whether you …

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Ematic FunTab Family range unveiled

by Edwin

I know, the dust of CES 2013 has already settled, and most folks are home square and free from the mad house that is known as Las Vegas, but there were tons of other devices that we have yet to cover, so I will try my level best to bring out what I think is still noteworthy to mention. Case in point, the Ematic FunTab Family range that comprises of …

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iPotty…the Name Says It All

by Alison

Parents everywhere are turning to their iPad to assist in educating and entertaining children. Thousands of quality learning apps exist to help everything from speaking to writing. Games help little ones kill time – and improve skills in some cases. And of course the iPad mobility with movies and TV shows becomes a life saver in some situations…a babysitter as some would say. But one parental duty floating under the …

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Doctor Who Tardis Play Tent

by Edwin

You know what they say as a man grows up – he might not be playing with little green army men made out of plastic any more, but would have moved on to big boys’ toys. Some of these could be rather expensive, while others are affordable, such as the $89.99 Doctor Who Tardis Play Tent. You can be sure that the little ones in your home too, would not …

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Polaroid targets kids with a new tablet

by Edwin

When you mention Polaroid, you know that this is one company that lives and breathes photography, even making it to popular culture such as songs (“Shake it like a Polaroid picture”, anyone?) Well, it seems that Polaroid is not content with just churning out photography related equipment, but they too, want a slice of the growing Android market. In particular, Polaroid is looking at the Android-powered tablet niche which has …

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Mini Talking Chewie

by Edwin

Do you love all things Star Wars? I think that it can be more or less agreed by the masses that having something that has been miniaturized or shrunken down from its original size will always look a whole lot cuter? I guess the same can be said for the $99.95 Mini Talking Chewie, where this diminutive sized Chewbacca will blurt out in an authentic Wookiee voice whenever you give …

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