PlayBrix let your little ones figure it out

by Edwin

Most of today’s kids would wonder how you actually kept yourself entertained back in the days when there was no Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Sure, some of us grew up in the generation when the Nintendo Entertainment System was the bee’s knees, but I am quite sure that plenty others lived through their respective childhoods while having plenty of fun even before the advent of “Pong”. There is nothing …

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Magic Movers Electronic Wand

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like a bunch of rowdy kids in your home to tire yourself out a whole lot more compared to you completing a marathon. After all, these kids do seem to be bundles of inexhaustible energy, and since the world is constantly on the lookout for different sources of renewable energy, why not harness what your progeny have to offer? Of course, to do so in an …

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R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter

by Edwin

Remember back in the days when everyone on the street had at least one remote controlled toy, and you had to practically beg your parents to buy you one too this Christmas, so that you will not feel left out? Well, now that you are working, don’t you think that it is about time you treat yourself to the toys of your liking and interest? Case in point, the $169.99 …

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Dr. Who Tardis Tent

by Edwin

Ah, to be young again, and to have numerous types of stuff to look forward to under the Christmas tree each year. Well, the Yuletide season might still be months away, but this is no excuse not to think of the future. After all, you can already start planning for the year end purchases, no? Failing to plan is planning to fail just in case you were wondering, and so …

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NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster

by Edwin

We did take a look at a NERF shooter yesterday, but that did not really come with the kind of sustaining firepower as it holds only 3 darts in its ammo reserves. The thing is, the NERF Triad Elite has an advantage of an extremely long range – we’re talking about being able to shoot up to 75 feet here, people! Well, for those who want something meatier, then you …

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NERF Triad Elite 3-Dart Mini Blaster

by Edwin

When was the last time you had plenty of fun around the office with your colleagues, or at home in your own backyard with the kids? Surely getting a set of NERF guns to play with would help lighten up the seriousness of a particular situation, and it is great at building bridges in a safe and healthy manner. Well, assuming you are the type who feel it is best …

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Marshmallow Bow

by Edwin

If you happen to believe that falling in love would require the oft unseen Cupid sending his arrow right into the heart of your beau, with you as the intended target. Of course, one would think that such an arrow would feel painful when it “pierces” your skin, so why not settle for something that not only does not hurt one bit, but it is delicious to boot? This is …

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Keep the Kids Active

by Alison

One of the fastest growing epidemics in parts of the world are obese children. Unfortunately school budget cuts, the cyber age and growth of video games introduced a more sedentary lifestyle and fast food is, well fast and fattening. The attention formerly invested in running around, playing games and being physically active now resides in sitting at a desk or in front of a TV. But if you know kids …

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