Space Invaders Wind-Ups Two-Pack

by Edwin

I am quite sure that many of us have fond memories of Space Invaders back in our younger days, where our imagination did far more work than the video processor on computer motherboards back then. There might be just a few pixels that dot the screen, moving from left to right and left again, but in our minds, the earth is on the verge of an alien invasion, and you …

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This Batman Belt Buckle will blast out your theme song, everywhere you go

by Chris

I think it’s pretty safe to say that when most kids were young, they had dreams of being a super hero. Heck, some of us adults still wish we could be one, though by now we’ve come to realize that there are far too many reasons why you can’t. (Radiation doesn’t work that way, kids.) However, if you’ve got a kid of your own, remember that for them, all it …

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Laser Maze Beam-Bending Logic Game

by Edwin

I know that when it comes to summer, most parents would prefer their kids to spend their time outdoors, and if they were indoors even, playing video games is not the best way to occupy one’s holidays. After all, one gets to shed physical energy in the great outdoors, and it also does help with the socializing bit in the long run. If your kids really insist on playing indoors, …

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LeapFrog announces LeapPad Ultra for kids

by Edwin

Monkey see, monkey do – or so the saying goes. One of the best ways that kids learn is through emulation, which is why it is very important for parents not to mix things up with the mantra, “Do as I say, not as I do”, as that tends to confuse the little ones who are introduced to hypocrisy through the very same person(s) who are meant to shape their …

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Doctor Who Dalek Talking Bank

by Edwin

There are always benefits when it comes to saving up for a rainy day, especially in this time and age where economic uncertainty is still all around, never mind what the government of the day is telling you through the mass media. After all, there is no better time than now to start saving up, and as part of your parental responsibilities, you too, might want to help your little …

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Lalabu – Baby Clothes that YOU Wear

by Julie

It’s been quite a while since I toted my child around in a little papoose, but I do remember the days that I wandered about with her strapped to my chest, her little legs dangling. She didn’t seem to mind it, but I cant say she loved it either. I needed to get stuff done, and she needed to come with me, so out came the contraption, which my husband …

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Musical Ruler with Songbook

by Edwin

I am quite sure that you have heard of musical chairs before, but what about the Musical Ruler? Now that is definitely something worth looking into, don’t you think so? The $12.99 Musical Ruler with Songbook is the latest tool from ThinkGeek that helps make learning more fun, although you might find it to be a tad irritating when your little one has fallen head over heels for it. The …

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Color Capture Car R/C

by Edwin

Are you on the lookout for a new remote control toy in order to live out your childhood fantasies? After all, back when you were a wee lad, you were unable to own one of those remote controlled toys simply because your parents decided that getting one of those for you would spoil you, not to mention the money could have been better spent elsewhere. Well, now that you are …

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