IonKids to track down little ones

by Edwin

Bringing kids to the local mall can be a time of fun and bonding, and yet the experience could be rather stressful as well when you try to complete the list of groceries while keeping tabs on two of your tiny terrors who love playing hide and seek between the aisles. Short of getting a dog leash or risk the embarrassment of admonishing your little ones in a public area, …

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The DJ Bear

by Al

DJ Bear

Probably the cutest iPod speakers in the world, the DJ Bear. Amazingly we’ve not written about any iPod paraphernalia for a while (shock, horror!), the iPod accessory scene seems to of been something quiet of late. So it was nice to see an iPod accessory for kids (or soppy adults) the DJ Bear. With the DJ bear you place your iPod (or any compatible MP3 player) in his front dungaree …

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