Peter Potty Toddler Urinal for Potty Training

by Al

We’ve not reported on any urinals for a while, so when we saw this kids only urinal that is described as “fun to use” we just had to share :). The Peter Potty is the world’s only flushable toddler urinal. It is designed to provide your little guy with a real ‘stand up’ experience that is proven to achieve success 6 months faster. This unit is perfect for introducing your …

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Children’s ATM Bank for young savers

by Edwin


Although the holidays are just around the corner and we live in a capitalist society that thrives on debt (the U.S. is, after all, the world’s biggest debtor), there is no harm in trying to inculculate the habit of saving that is so important when a child is still young. Most kids these days do not know how hard their parents toil at work and at a business, only to …

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Sumo Robots size each other up

by Edwin


Remember the R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers? Those were cute, with eternal grins plastered all over their mugs. Apparently, robots want in on some sumo fun as well with these R2-D2 lookalikes that go head-to-head (or wheel-to-wheel, depending on how you look at it) in a circular ring. Whoever knocks over his opponent first is a winner, and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun with this great party game …

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The new X4 metal detector, now where’d I bury that gold?

by Fred

X4 Metal Detector

Sure everybody has the same dream. Sweeping a beautiful beach filled with scantily clad,,, ok, old folks in Florida with a metal detector to find a spare Rolex, or at least a large amount of change. Sure you have. Well now you can, and for a change, for a reasonable price! But wait, it gets better! Rather than swinging the lamest excuse for an all electronic six-iron, you can drive …

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AmberWatch wails to protect kids

by Edwin


As any parent can attest to, bringing a child around a shopping complex can be quite a harrying experience, as one has to be extra alert to keep track of the child while wheeling a cart full of groceries and competing with other shoppers for the best buy items that are on sale. In addition to that depressing scenario, statistics show that in 2006 alone, approximately 1.3 million American children …

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Souped-down Aibo clone makes appearance

by Edwin


I’m not too sure why there are some people who love to have an electronic pet running loose around the house. The look of something mechanized which cannot even perform basic tricks like bringing me the morning paper or playing dead is something I cannot identify with, but apparently there are certain quarters who prefer the convenience of a robotic pet. The only pros I can think of is not …

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Candy and video games rock!

by Edwin


Candy and video games are what kids love in equal measure, although with the upcoming release of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, the latter might just pull ahead. The Willy Wonka Candy Factory, noted for its range of chocolates and toothache-inducing candy, has released the WonkaZoid. This is no ordinary electronic handheld game as it acts as a refillable candy dispenser as well. This means you get to munch …

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Toy gun that does not maim, kill

by Edwin


We all know how paranoid parents are when it comes to purchasing projectile-based toys for their children, as there is always the tiny probability that a child could choke on the projectile or even hurt when the force upon impact causes grievous injury to sensitive body parts like the eyes. The Zero Blaster guarantees not to hurt any child unless he/she willfully takes the toy gun and hit a friend …

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