Personal Alarm for Kids

by Al

Being a father, I’m always interested in finding gadgets that make parenting a little easier or less stressful and On Guard Kids does just that. On Guard Kids is a personal safety alert system. Your child wears it around their wrist like a regular watch and if the nightmare situation occurs where somebody tries to abduct your child they can quickly and easily set off an ear piercing 110 decibel …

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So what’d you get?! What’d you give?

by Fred

thanks corporate gifts @ easy to source!

Come on, we’re all gadget, and thereby gift nuts. So bring it on, what’d you go out and get for your loved ones? Also, what’d you get?! Come on, you’re dying to share,, do you get to Wii? Is there a new PS3 in the family? Do you have new socks that for some reason smell different from your old ones,, maybe due to the fact that your feet have …

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2 Cool Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

by Tiago

Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Christmas is already around the corner next week and if you haven’t bought any presents (or gifts) for your kids, I will present 2 cool suggestions that can be purchased online. Not only are they good quality wise, but they also have a nice price and kids will most likely love them. The best part is that the toys teach something but in a fun (not boring) way, so instead …

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Go Fly a Kite,, a Radio Controlled Kite!!!!

by Fred

Yes, of course there are a ton of remote control toys out there. How many of them are blended with kites? Well, so far I can clearly identify 1. It’s the Radio Controlled Air Kite (ok, maybe they need to go to a special school where they come up with good names) but it looks like fun! It’s from the folks over at Gadgetuniverse. They’ve even got some, ahem, special …

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Sink that Star Destroyer!

by Edwin


The world is divided into two types of people – those who absolutely love Star Wars and all of its nuances and those who loathe this piece of fantasy science fiction with a touch of mythology and hokey religion. Thankfully, there are way more of the latter that keeps the Star Wars merchandise machine going for decades ever since Luke Skywalker graced the silver screen almost 30 years ago. Hammacher …

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Password Puppies thrive on words

by Edwin


Most dog owners love taking care of their pets because they don’t answer back and are extremely loyal despite putting up with all your bad traits. Unfortunately, not every single one of us are able to own a dog due to limited financial ability as well as the lack of time for pampering our beloved pooch. Thankfully, there is always a digital alternative (isn’t that the case these days) with …

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Constructicons Transform! (ok, really sweet RC Construction toys)

by Fred

Ok, so I can’t prove an actual constructicons link here, but I do know that I’ve found a sweet repository of where to get actual Remote Control Construction toys! Thanks to the folks over at HobbyTron! They’ve got them and they don’t cost a fortune! Now why do you ask would I be so crazy about construction toys? Well, my best bud from the age of 5 is an absolute …

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Picoo Z, Yes!! It is that much fun (and I know where ta get you one!)

by Fred

FrontFront2It’s what you’ve been waiting for! A Tiny Helicopter that’s awesome! (and affordable). Big hint here, Read the full review!
1. It is fun! It is a real kick to fly something inside the house, it’s just what your mom told you never to do, and there you are doing it, and not destroying anything! Wheee!!

2. It is affordable (if you go to the right place). Apparently, the right place is HobbyTron and it’s for the right price 39.00$ and shipping,, really! Everything you need is right there out of the box!! (other places are charging 99$ and more, why?! Go to Hobbytron!)
3. Most of all, IT REALLY WORKS!!! nuff said.

1. You will not soon be referred to as T.C.
2. It is easy to “play with” but difficult to “control well”. I HIGHLY advise downloading the Advanced tuning

weight guide from Hobbytron (they’ve done some work for you!) and applying the metal “weights” right away (they’re REALLY Light but do help a bit). Additionally,, PRACTICE!
3. You will still need real helicopter lessons if you want to fly the Pope around.
Seriously though (ok, when am I ever serious) this thing is fun. Setup is as easy as can be.


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