Sunken Chests Be gone!! Hand me that Titanium encased magnet!

by Fred

There’s great news out there for sufferers of SWGWSIC, a debilitating thing, that, well, is really inconvenient. The acronym was created by my favorite DJ tandem Brad Gise and Chris Daniels who have a local show here in the bay area. (I’ve been listening to them for years and years (don’t want to admit how many). Previously, having a sunken chest (there’s a fancy medical term I won’t bore you …

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Video games are good for you (if you like 20% better vision!)

by Fred

smart people from the University of Rochester

The news from the University of Rochester is all good. Play first person shooters and actually improve your visual acuity. How cool is that? So here’s the thing, now parents will have to say things like, “Have you played a FULL hour of Halo?” “No homework till you kill your brother 5 times, you heard me!” “Give me 300 reps of thumb jibblies right away!!! Make those A buttons cry …

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X-Gate helps fight against paedophiles

by Edwin


Anyone with a broadband connection at home will definitely spend a better part of their time surfing the Internet, and it is no different whether one is an adult or a kid. As an adult, we take responsibility over the welfare of our kids, and that responsibility does not stop when it comes to surfing the Internet. With the technological explosion happening all over the world, it is imperative for …

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Tamagotchi has now matured

by Edwin


Remember the Tamagotchi craze that swept the world a decade ago? Back then I was still a kid who was wet behind his ears, and never really managed to save enough money to purchase one for my enjoyment, no thanks to my healthy diet of comics from Marvel and DC. Apparently it has taken quite some time for Bandai to realize what Nintendo knew all along – there will always …

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It’s kinda like monkeys without all the poop flinging

by Fred


There are many magnetic toys. They tend to stick to each other, magnetically of course. They can be fun and mildly amusing. Sometimes you can even mess with someone if they’ve got metal in their body (pacemakers can be fun, but tend to really piss people off!) Here’s a great new bit from ThinkGeek that’s got it all down. They’re called Acrobots!  They look like a ton of fun, and …

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Classic Child’s Vespa

by Tiago

Classic Child’s Vespa

Offering a little motor bike to your 5 year old child might not be the best idea, but considering that this one can only go at 5mph that shouldn’t be a problem in terms of security and damage that it might cause for your loved one, or can it? Inside the Classic Vespa there are 2 motors that will make the child using it feel like the great Ayrton Senna …

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Playskool develops DAPs for babies

by Edwin


How many digital audio players or portable media players are there in today’s market that cater specifically to young children and pre-schoolers? Practically none when you take a closer look at all the offerings. Playskool, a company that will definitely ring a bell with generations of kids as well as some grown-ups, has finally decided to take the plunge by entering the MP3 player market for toddlers and babies. This …

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MAYO – Furniture for Kids

by Al

MAYO Kids Furniture

Furniture can be pretty boring, especially for kids. That is until you see the MAYO with it’s bright Googleish colors it’s sure to fire your child’s imagination whether they’re leaning on it, sleeping with it or riding it. The MAYO is the brainchild of a young Indonesian designer, you can find more info and the rest of his portfolio over at coroflot.

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