The Superior Baby Monitor

by Tiago

Just the other day I was looking for baby monitors because I am going to be a dad soon (just kidding, I had to make up a scenario) and so it was with great interest that I saw the Superior Baby Monitor, could it be the highest-ranking monitor ever that would protect babies and kids like never before? Well, let me tell you that the features look good (at least …

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Amber Alert Child I.D. Kit

by Edwin


Keeping track of your child can be quite a task, especially if he/she is a tiny toddler who tends to run off when you have your hands full with groceries. While there are several GPS based devices available in the market that helps you keep track of them, there are other tools that help ensure your kid will be sent home to you safe and sound in the event he/she …

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Kid-Tough Digital Camera

by Tiago

Kid-Tough Digital Camera

If you ever wanted to offer the coolest digital camera to your kids but always feared that they would break it in an instant, may I present you the Kid-Tough Digital Camera that can last forever due to the durable design and material used. This special camera comes with a couple of good features, but on the other hand there are some bad features as well that will limit the …

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Waterproof helmet-mountable camera for the kids

by Mike

ATC2K Waterproof ActionCamera

I remember using my extremely low resolution video camera to record my friends and I riding down the street on skateboards or anything else that had wheels on it. Then, we’d rush inside, hook up the camera, and be amazed at the jittery, pixelated video we recorded. Trust me, it was awesome. Nowadays, cameras are becoming cheaper and, at the same time, higher quality. The ATC2K Waterproof ActionCamera is essentially …

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Speak like Optimus Prime

by Edwin


Remember the Transformers cartoon that was all the rage over a decade ago? I always knew that the idea of intelligent robots who could transform into totally cool rides was a good one, and thankfully the world of movies has finally caught up in terms of technology to produce some really stunning visual effects that is capable of doing this beloved franchise justice at long last. Hasbro will be bringing …

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Grobag Egg – The Color Changing Thermometer

by Al

Grobag egg

The Grobag Egg acts as both a night light and thermometer for a babies room. Babies sleep better if the temperature is right, so to easily visualise your parenting skills the Grobag changes color. Blue – Brrrrrr too cold Red – Turn the bloody heating off Warm – I’m going to wake you up at 4AM screaming Yellow – Just nice The Grobag Egg is available from

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Nest Space-age High Chair

by Al


You don’t see many designer high chairs (babies have no taste) so this one by Mozzee caught my, The Nest. The Nest isn’t just a high chair, with it’s adjustable height it’s designed to grow with your child: Nest Dine – with tray for baby feeding (6 months – 2 years) Nest Boost – without tray (2 years to 4 years) Nester – Low chair (upto 6 years) It’s not …

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Win1, Playing Big Brother with Your Kids

by Nick


If you have kids, I bet you are always worried about where they are at all times. The Spanish company Imaginarium designed a line of cell phones that enhance the security of the most important person in the world, your son (or daughter, in my case). The Win1 cell phone can keep you in contact with your children in a unique way. This phone can only make and receive calls …

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