Wet Diaper Alarm

by Stephen O

Babies cry for many reasons and indeed one of those reasons is that they have wet diapers. Well cry no more as we wonder what parents are thinking when they attach a CMOS chip alarm to their babies diapers. When junior answers the call of nature – your nursery will be filled with the sound and joy of a musical alarm which will let you know that your baby has …

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One for the Girls (and Glams) Digi Makeover

by Al

Digi Makeover

This is one of those gadgets that my 9 year old daughter would absolutely love (and I wouldn’t borrow), the Girl Tech Digi Makeover, a way to test how make up looks on your face on your TV. To use you take a photo of your face using the built-in digital camera, connect it to the TV and then try out different hair and make up styles to see which …

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Mentos, the Geysermaker! Be like the Eepybird guys!

by Fred

Soda Geyser

If you haven’t seen the Eepybird guys do their thing with Mentos and Diet Coke. First, I’d like to welcome you back from your Oceanic Airlines flight 815 and tell you we’re glad you made it back from “The Island“. Second,, you can click here and watch it, Captain Out of Touch! Third, and most importantly, now you can put together your own Eepybird style show with the Soda Geyser! …

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Lego and Ferrari, The Best of Both Worlds

by Nick

Lego Ferrari

The cars from the legendary Italian scuderia from Maranello have always inspired passion all over the world. Almost the same thing can be said about Lego, the small plastic bricks that were first introduced more than fifty years ago in Denmark, and have conquered the world ever since. So why not combine both of them? That’s what the Lego Ferrari collection is all about. I admit that these are not …

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The Aerosoarer, a super tiny RC plane for indoors!

by Fred


Here’s a SWEET RC airplane for indoor use from Tomitech in Japan. I want one bad! (plus it looks to be around $19USD at Play Asia). Let’ just do it this way,, here’s the video. It’s powered in the same way as the PicooZ and it’s ilk, in other words, the main batteries are stored in the radio, (that kinda looks like crap).  It’s plugged into the radio and charges …

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Fold your own furniture

by Al


If you’ve ever fancied making your kids their own designer furniture now you can and what’s better is it’s completely free (and a great excuse to buy a new plasma purely for the box). The furniture has been designed by some Swiss architect known as Nicola Enrico Stäubli. There are three differenet pieces to make: Stool Chair Rocker Each piece looks pretty sturdy and should take anything from 3.5 hours …

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There’s a moon in my room

by Edwin


Just when you thought you have pretty much seen it all in terms of home lighting, here comes a curveball that will definitely interest kids the world over. The Moon in My Room lighting is an accurate replica of what you see during those clear summer nights – a curved relief of the real McCoy. When mounted on your bedroom wall (although we recommend hooking it up to the ceiling …

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A real electric scooter

by Mike

Razor Sport Mod Electric Scooter

You’ve probably seen those wimpy electric scooters in stores. They say they can go up to 10-12 mph, but in reality it’s more like 8 mph and you still need to recharge it every hour or so. Technically, the thing you see to the left isn’t a scooter. To me, it’s more like a mini moped, but Razor calls it a scooter, so I’ll just go along with it. Anyway, …

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