The Paperfolds strike back!

by Andi

Not so long ago, on this very site, we’ve reported on some figures coming from an universe far, far away, that you could print and fold in order to create cool figures. Now, the figures are about to become alive, and they also spare you the printing…

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Yackle Ball is a modern frisbee

by Edwin


Parents will often think of the days when they brought their mini Me’s the to local park for a game of catch or two with a frisbee or even a ball, but how times have changed. While the Yackle Ball does not come with an integrated digital camera or MP3 player just yet, it offers something very different from the traditional ball or frisbee by coming in the shape of …

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Sharper Image hopes the RapStik is the next Razor scooter

by Mike

RapStik Caster Board

Remember when those Razor scooters from Sharper Image were all the rage? I do. They got thousands of people to shell out $100 for a two wheeled metal scooter. Nowadays, you can pick one up for $20. With one of their newest products, the RipStik Caster Board, it’s pretty clear that Sharper Image is trying to reproduce the success of those Razor scooters. To do this, they’re combining surfing and …

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Spiderman Webslinging Gun

by Al

Spider web gun

This has got to be the coolest Spiderman toy yet, the Sonic Web Blaster, lets you shoot webs from your wrist.

The Web Blaster comes complete with a Spiderman glove, shooting mechanism and web fluid refills. To shoot webs at your foes simply press the button in the palm of you hand, list to the electronic web-slingling sound and watch as your sworn enemy is covered in silly string unbreakable spider webs, cool!

The web blaster can be yours (or more appropriately your child’s) from Amazon for $19.99, found via The Sun.

Spider Gun

Tiny tots introduced to Web 2.0

by Edwin


Social networking has already taken the Internet by storm, with virtually everyone these days having their own MySpace and Friendster accounts. I suppose this is but a natural evolution of our friends list on instant messaging programs back in the mid 90s, but to see social networking move away from computers and enter the corporeal world can be a pretty unnerving experience. Ganz has manufactured these plush toys which aim …

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Fuel cell RC powerplant, 1/10th scale, 1:1 fun, $1500!

by Fred

H-cell rc powerplant

Now begins the greening of your toys! Power your RC cars with Hydrogen, (for $1500) with the new RC fuel cell kit from Horizon Fuel Cells. Sure, it says that its for RC cars, and the specs beat the snot out of the regular 7.2volt battery pack in your regular RC car, here’s what their site says..        The H-cell power unit offers: •High performance accelerations         •Speeds of up to 30km/h …

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Spin Your Own Web with Spiderman’s Web Blaster

by Nick

Origins Spiderman Web Blaster

The third movie of the Spiderman saga is bringing up all sorts of spider gadgets and toys to the market, but none of them come close to this Origins Spiderman Web Blaster, a toy that throws out a triple-stream web fluid so your kids can spin their own web and feel just like Peter Parker.

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Cool Paint for Kids

by Darrell

Cool Paint

Sick of the little rascals expressing their inner Van Gogh all over you freshly painted walls? Tired of the little tyke eating more paint and crayons than they actually get on the paper? Well Coolpaint for kids might be the product for you! For three cents shy of $15.00 kids can learn drawing and image editing with more than 40 realistic painting tools and a vast picture gallery containing 1000 …

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