iBug – Radio Controlled Caterpillar

by Al

Now even toddlers can have their own remote control toy, the iBug, aimed at 3+ year old gadget lover. That’s what makes iBug different. It has been lovingly designed and created with small children in mind. From their bold colours, flashing antennas, blinking eyes to their simple function and easy to hold controller, the Ibugs are wonderfully fun toys for children aged 3 and up. You can get the iBug …

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The chrome Pig E Bank

by Mike

Chrome Pig E Bank

The problem kids have with Piggy Banks, unless they already have the breakable piggy bank, is that they never really know how much money they have in there unless they painstakingly shake every single penny, nickel, dime, and the occasional quarter out. Then, when they want that $5 thing you just won’t buy them, they spend 15 minutes counting only to end up $1.23 short. Please, please, please don’t let …

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Audiovox budget MP3 player

by Edwin


Are you out of gift ideas that won’t make a big hole in your pocket and yet doesn’t make you look cheap? Audiovox has just the thing for you with this MP3 player that retails for a mere $29.99. Heck, this is so affordable, it could be used to introduce your little tot to the world of MP3 players, graduating him onto an iPod when he comes of age.

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I live on the big one in the middle (Starship Earth)

by Fred

Starship Earth from National Geographic

Here’s a fun little product from the people at National Geographic. Sure, you know which sphere you stand/sit/sleep on, on a daily basis, but you’ve also got to think,, hmm, where am I really? This is cool for the kids. Why, you ask? Because think of all that explanations of astronomical units, distances, and spatial relations.  Now you can show kids, (and friends too) just where we are, what we’re …

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Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)

by Fred

Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)

Ahh the patch,, killer of nicotine cravings, eliminator of pregnancies, and now,,, Killer of Bugs! These are simple adhesive patches that add a little extra Vitamin B-1 to your body. Why you ask? Well, when you use these properly (gotta put em’ on a clean hairless patch of skin 2 hours prior to going outside) they emit a smell different from the standard CO2 smell that draws bugs to us.

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Straight Line Designs Creates Furniture with Personality

by Nick

Straight Line Designs

The Canadian company “Straight Line Designs” creates furniture that’s different from everything you’ve ever seen. The designers play with traditional furniture and add incredible details, to create such classics as the melting cabinet, the “cracked” dresser and the Sullivan clock which looks like a person posing with arms at the hips.

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A $10 Laptop?

by James


You read right. First came the $100 One Laptop Per Child windup laptop project, now researchers in India believe they can make one even cheaper, try $10! This is according to a proposal winding it’s way through the Indian government which believes a laptop computer can be made now for as low as $10. That means that ten times as many computers could conceivably be made available to poor and …

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Giddy up, we’ve got a horse to flog

by Edwin


Horse racing isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but attend any race during the weekend and chances are you’ll be seeing more money change hands that day than you’ll ever do in a single day at the bank. For those who are trying to wean themselves off the horse race betting habit (as well as others who are looking for a suitable racing toy for their kids) can always check …

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