Money Monster

by Al

This is cool, I’ve just got back from a 2 week vacation to find a parcel from gadget shop Red 5 containing the exceedingly cool cult money box, the Money Monster. My ten year old daughter has taken something of a shine to him and wrote this totally independent review: This cool new money box aka the Money monster is fun and funny with moving eye and ears plus the …

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Child Minder system to prevent tragedy

by Edwin


While no parent wants to deliberately harm their child, dozens of children in the US die each yet in a thoroughly preventable error, where the absent-minded parent will leave the child in a vehicle as they head off to perform their chores. The insides of a vehicle heats up extremely fast, and is fatal if a child is left all alone strapped in the seat behind. What are some of …

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Money Hammer Bank too precious to smash

by Edwin


I still don’t get the idea of a traditional piggy bank where you need a hammer to smash its porcelain body to bits and pieces, suffering the same fate as Humpty Dumpty when he toppled over the wall. The Money Hammer Bank is another variation and holds at most, a few dollars. This certainly doesn’t make any financial sense considering the Money Hammer Bank itself retails for a whopping $60. …

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Safe Start Stroller Skis for all weather/terrain strolling

by James


Whether you’re an adventurous parent who loves to take to the bunny ski slopes in winter, or a mom and dad who enjoy lazy afternoons on the beach in summer, lugging around a stroller in extreme terrain can be exhausting. Now, Picabo Street can take her baby on a gold medal downhill run while Pamela Anderson baywatches with her baby in the sand. That’s because taking a stroll in the …

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Let your kids create their very own stop motion movies

by Mike

Marvel Ani-Movie Stop Motion Movie Maker

Getting a kid interested in technology at an early age is a good thing, after all, he/she is going to be immersed in it for their entire life. You might as well give them a bit of a headstart, and I don’t mean getting them a cell phone at age 6. I’m thinking more along the lines of the Marvel branded Ani-Movie Stop Motion Movie Maker– it shows your child …

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Unruly kids? Control-a-Kid to the rescue

by Edwin


Parenting certainly isn’t easy, which is why this fantasy device is a surefire winner if it ever takes off (although probably never). The Control-a-Kid remote is the ultimate magic wand in parenting, operating on nothing but pure, unadulterated positive thinking. It comes with a wide range of buttons to keep your kid in rein, including “Stop Sulking”, “Stop Tantrums”, “Do Homework”, “Don’t Answer Back”, and “Kiss Granny” among others. I …

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Deformed Star Wars plushies debut

by Edwin


Ever wished you had some Star Wars plush toys to play around back in the late 70s? Well fret not, by now you ought to be earning your own keep and be independent enough to make purchases that your parents would object to. What we have on offer today is the Super Deformed Star Wars Plush Toys that come with a gigantic cuddly head attached, making them look like retards …

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iBug – Radio Controlled Caterpillar

by Al

Radio Controlled iBug - Caterpillar

Now even toddlers can have their own remote control toy, the iBug, aimed at 3+ year old gadget lover. That’s what makes iBug different. It has been lovingly designed and created with small children in mind. From their bold colours, flashing antennas, blinking eyes to their simple function and easy to hold controller, the Ibugs are wonderfully fun toys for children aged 3 and up. You can get the iBug …

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