Say What? now available

by Edwin

Say What? will probably confound you at first, but after a few attempts at it, you will probably be asking for more. And sometimes, be careful for what you ask for – in this case, it is a good thing your request is answered in the form of hysterical gaming moments with friends and family. The game contains 5 different coloured balls which each rest in a dock on the …

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A chance at making J.K. Rowling rich(er)

by Edwin


If your kid is all crazy about Harry Potter, chances are they’ll go nuts over the Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat. Which Hogwarts house do you belong in: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? The Sorting Hat will tell you. Press the button and it will call out the name, plus it quotes several legendary lines from past Harry Potter movies. Takes 3 AA batteries (not included). 20″ high. If you’re …

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Kicking Legs scare the hell outta folks

by Edwin


Now this pair of Kicking Legs is definitely not for the faint hearted, and I’d strongly recommend against you playing a prank on older folks with it as their heart might not be able to take it. After all, even you and I would freak out upon seeing a pair of legs that flail about whenever a noise triggers the mechanism within. Still, it looks rather disproportionate as surely the …

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Discovery Radio Control Freestyle GyroTruck

by Edwin


I believe the Discovery Radio Control Freestyle GyroTruck will not only appeal to kids but adults as well. Chances are dad and son will tussle over the remote control, especially when this remote controlled device can speed along the pavement rather fast while performing hair-raising stunts without missing a beat. If you noticed, the gyro wheels are extremely large, multiplying the torque for an added speed boost while keeping a …

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The Jet Ski Simulator

by Al

Jet Ski Simulator

This is so cool, the Jet Ski Simulator, shame it has a 110 lbs weight limit The Jet Ski Video game requires a lot of full body exercise because once you climb aboard the inflatable Jet Ski you will be bouncing and jouncing around just like real wave riders. This game helps kids get a workout while experiencing the fun of a jet ski! Features wireless game controls built into …

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Lil’ Kawasaki for your tiny tots

by Edwin


If you’re an avid biker and would like to introduce your progeny to the wonderful world of biking at a young age, why not do it with the Lil’ Kawasaki? This All Terrain Vehicle uses push-button operation for easy stop-and-go traveling, while integrated footrests make it safe and comfortable to ride around in your garden. There is even a storage compartment up front for them to store their treasures, while …

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Reach for the stars with the Celestial Globe

by Edwin


There is untold value in a globe, especially when you’re trying to educate a child on different continents and countries located around the earth. The Celestial Globe takes things another step further, featuring up to 88 different constellations in detail, and more than a thousand stars that are naked to the human eye in addition to other deep-space structures such as the Milky Way. These outer celestial features have been …

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Wii Hero Pack let’s users slay the dragons

by James

Hero Pack 1

Wii accessories are getting as common as the games people play. Some are even kicking up the imagination quotient a notch to give players not only a physical experience – such as for sports video games – but also a fantasy experience. Witness the Wii Hero Pack by Camy International. Though some will enjoy the inevitable Zelda gaming fantasies, why stop there? Imagine pulling the sword of Gryffindor from the …

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