RC Tarantula for some harmless fun

by Edwin

Fancy giving the ladies in the house a fright? The RC Tarantula comes in handy, and although we covered a somewhat similar tarantula in the past (nearly two years back to be exact), this one uses less batteries (just a couple of AA for the remote and another pair of AAA batteries for the tarantula itself) compared to its “predecessor”, so to speak. The remote itself resembles a spider egg …

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Silly String Rifle ups ridiculous ante

by Edwin


Just when you thought shooting water at your friends was rather daft, the Silly String Rifle comes along and throws all sorts of common sense out of the window. You had better not try to play this around your home if mom is around as there would be hell to pay when it comes to cleaning up. No idea on how much it retails for, but other than the monetary …

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Crayola goes back to school with more than just Crayons

by James

Crayola MP3 player

Crayola has been diversifying for quite some time now. The Crayon maker initially branched out into other art supplies like Activity poster kits, glue and even modeling clay. But now, Crayola is looking beyond the simple joyeous world of coloring and into HiTech tools and toys for kids. Their “Total Tools” line features an Audio ruler, which measures in 1/4″ increments and then recites the distance audibly; a staple free …

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Wind-powered toy car coming your way

by Edwin


Tamiya and Loopwing have collaborated with each other to bring this DIY wind power generator set, allowing you to create your very own clean energy at home for the low, low price of $30. Assembling it takes a mere half hour, where you cobble together a couple of gears, a capacitor, and the steering among others on the little car. Just attach the car to the windmill charging station and …

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NHC Ecolong digital audio player

by Edwin


If brand name and a high social standing isn’t on your list of wants, chances are you’ll be able to get along just fine with NHC’s Ecolong DAP (1GB) that has an impressive battery life of up to 85 hours on a single AAA battery. That’s continuous playback time we’re talking about here. Supported formats include the all pervasive MP3 and non-DRM WMA. The standard issue model retails for approximately …

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Guardian headphones help protect hearing

by Edwin


This pair of Guardian headphones from Hamilton Electronics help outsiders identify whether listeners are adhering to save volume levels or not, courtesy of the green and red LED lights located outside. Whenever the LED lights up in red, that means volume levels are cranked way higher than they should be. It is best to instill this habit in kids to protect their hearing, but surely a little outside help won’t …

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Dalai Lama sports gun

by Edwin


Just when you thought the Dalai Lama is an icon of peace, along comes his action figure dressed in a simple monastic robe with one obvious difference – he is equipped with an AK-12 automatic pistol that features a silencer and self-aiming fire-and-forget laser. And you thought all those chants and mantras were soothing, when underneath the seemingly calm surface lies one living, lethal weapon. Pricing details have yet to …

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Music Games allow kids to Jam

by James

Hannah Montana Music Jam

Last year it was Dance Dance Revolution – a game that allowed users to get a work out while they did the two step to fast paced megahit. Then came Guitar Hero – which allowed axe wielding wannabes to follow hard core riffs and get high scores. Now, it’s all about the Jam as new games go into interactive, yet social gaming. Witness Disney’s latest video game for Nintendo DS …

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