Star Wars Lego watches

by Edwin

There is just something extremely cute about the Star Wars universe in the Lego format, and this time the Star Wars Lego watches are something worth checking out. Being water resistant up to 50 meters (which is deeper than most people would ever bother diving), each of these watches come with a different color scheme, depending on the Lego character you pick up (choose from Darth Vader, R2, a Clone …

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Wind Up Lederhosen for laughs

by Edwin


If you have a penchant for wind-up toys, then the Wind Up Lederhosen is definitely your cup of tea. It makes for an amusing desktop toy, and also an impromptu gift for kids that they’ll enjoy (until they break it anyway). Comedy version of the Bavarian breeches. Wind up the Lederhosen and watch them hop along. Traditional Bavarian detailing on the seams and pockets. Suitable for ages 8 years+. Size: …

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Dogs and Cats are at it again

by Edwin


The perpetual war between dogs and cats are still raging, and this time competition has elevated from merely a physical encounter to something more cerebral. Hence, the need for a Dog and Cats Chess Set. It is just opposite sides, really, but the fact that they are all dressed in medieval outfits definitely warrant a laugh, or a cynical smile. The Dog and Cats Chess Set retails for $129. Product …

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The Meade MySky: exploring strange new worlds is the “aim”

by James

Meade MySky

It may look like a phaser (well, only vaguely), but it’s the coolest stargazing aid to come out this year. The Meade MySky allows you to explore the heavens simply with a point and shoot. It’s database comes with 30,000 objects in the night sky and also can show cool multimedia astronomy presentations. And thanks to its 12-channel GPS receiver, there’s no complicated alignment either. It’s all automatic, which is …

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The Fly Fusion grows up

by James


You probably saw the marketing for it. How you can take a piece of paper, draw numbers and a “+,-,x and /” and suddenly you have a calculator. But that was just the beginning. It looks like Leapfrog is taking the Pentop Computer to a whole new level with the updated Fly Fusion Pentop Computer. While its main focus is still for middle school age students who need a solid …

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LEGO 3D Pumpkin Pack

by Edwin


The LEGO 3D Pumpkin Pack is definitely something worth checking out especially when Halloween is just around the corner. Instead of using the traditional method of carving out the entire pumpkin, why not pick up this alternative from LEGO? It certainly is much easier and less messy compared to the organic version, but you’ll have to fork out $17.98 for it first. LEGO has made sure once you’ve completed it, …

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Now it’s time to say goodbye … to Disney Mobile

by James

Disney Mobile closes shop

In the Dog eat Dog world of the Cellular business, not even Pluto can catch a break. The House of the Mouse has announced that Disney Mobile will cease operations effective December 31, 2007. A three month warning is a nice warning to it’s customers (not even Amp’d gave more than a few days), but Mickey is going one step further by reimbursing the faithful for handsets, accessories and even …

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BackpackShield offers bulletproof protection

by Edwin


With the bunch of crazy folks running around these days wielding guns, I wouldn’t mind having one of these BackpackShields covering my back. Constructed from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate will be able to fit in most backpacks and is effective in stopping bullets ranging from the humble 9mm all the way to the powerful .44 Magnum. Good thing it doesn’t deflect bullets as that could …

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