Verticon: The Evolution

by Mark R

Combat toys like Battleship have been around for quite a while, like those dueling robots where you achieve victory by causing your opponent’s head to spring up. I suppose when kids grow up, they get into card combat games like Pokemon. Oddly enough, Lone Shark games, the makers of Pokemon and the popular Magic: The Gathering have created a game that takes player-to-player combat to a new level with Verticon. …

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Micro Transformers for those with sweet teeth

by Edwin


These Micro Transformers are definitely more than meets the eye, packing in some Japanese candy with each purchase. There are half a dozen to be collected, and best of all is you don’t have to throw away these cool candy cases (let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?) once you’re done with them. Instead, they’d make pretty interesting desktop toys to play with during those long Monday afternoons at …

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Palmsize Battle Tanks

by Edwin


Battling remote controlled toys aren’t exactly new to those of us at Coolest Gadgets, but being the grown up kids that we are, these are highly irresistable no matter how many iterations they come in. The Palmsize Battle Tanks is the latest in a long line of such toys, and makes for the perfect tool to settle any minor office disputes. These detailed diminutive r/c tanks feature authentic tank sounds …

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Freaky Body Illusions

by Edwin


The Freaky Body Illusions are the perfect Halloween toy, as it comes with a wide range of different body parts to help you increase the scare factor when you go trick or treating. Once you master these illusions, be sure that even the most logically inclined person will scratch their head, wondering how exactly you achieved those illusions. Some of these include: The Living Hand: Looks like you’re carrying a …

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GPS Jacket helps keep kids safe

by James

Children’s GPS Jacket

The Children’s GPS Jacket by Bladerunner is the latest in satellite detectable clothing that will allow skittish parents to search for lost kids using GPS satellite technology. The GPS device fits inside an inside pouch and has a small rechargeable 15-hour battery. If the child gets lost, parents can use a computer, BlackBerry or even cellphone to track their missing tike. And kids won’t mind wearing it (though the older …

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Sony slashes prices on PS 3 … still too expensive

by James

PS 3 40gb

Sony has announced it is discontinuing the 60GB PS3 which went for $499, and instead is releasing a smaller 40GB model to sell for one hundred dollars less ($399). The 80GB model has also cut it’s price by a hundred bucks ($499). Still too expensive for my taste. The move is to position the PS3 to compete with both the Xbox and Wii which have price points of $350 and …

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Story Blankets – The Hi-tech Kids Duvet Cover

by Al

Story Blanket - Heros

This is something I don’t say every day, “These duvet covers are cool!”. The Story Blanket is a duvet cover with a difference, designed for kids it incorporate sound and images to make kids want to go to bed.

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Towelie talking action figure

by Edwin


I’d freak out if my towel looked like that – large, bulging eyes with red veins snaking all over, a gaping mouth, and all the other humanoid appendages. Nevertheless, kids might find the Towelie Talking Action Figure interesting as he measures 9″ tall and spews out (supposedly) witty phrases at random,for example, “Oh man, I have no idea what’s going on right now!”. You can pick up the Towelie Talking …

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