Choose Your Experience as You Use Your Card

by Alison

Just about every credit card holder collects some sort of rewards. Maybe it is cash back, maybe it is points or maybe your spending gives money back to a charity. Cards make life easy – so we won’t be going away from them anytime soon. And card companies will do just about anything to attract more business. Their offers continue to change to entice consumers into using their card.

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iPotty…the Name Says It All

by Alison

Parents everywhere are turning to their iPad to assist in educating and entertaining children. Thousands of quality learning apps exist to help everything from speaking to writing. Games help little ones kill time – and improve skills in some cases. And of course the iPad mobility with movies and TV shows becomes a life saver in some situations…a babysitter as some would say. But one parental duty floating under the …

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Kingston HyperX Predator USB flash drive does the 1TB dance

by Edwin

You know that SSDs are going to get a run for their money when the USB flash drive capacity has upped the ante by more than a mile. Case in point, CES 2013 saw the introduction of the Kingston HyperX Predator that weighs in at 1TB of storage space. Yes sir, who would have thought that USB flash drives would hit the magical 1TB mark so soon, when it was …

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LG goes curvy with new OLED TV

by Edwin

CES is a hotbed for technological innovations being announced, and LG has decided to grab the bull by its horns with the latest announcement of its OLED TV, coming in the form of the LG EA9800. The big question is this, just what makes the LG EA9800 so special from all of the other OLED TVs that are in the market? How about this answer for starters – it comes …

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Razer introduces Razer Edge

by Edwin

CES 2013 is still the place to be if you are looking for a tech mecca early January each year, and for the first time in history, we have the first crowdsourced gaming tablet in the world that has been turned into reality, coming in the form of the Razer Edge which was designed by gamers, and is specially launched just for gamers. You can call it a tablet, a …

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A True “Cool” Gadget

by Alison

A majority of the devices we write about fit into a breadbox. Which is sort of the optimum size for what we define as a gadget. Yet gadgetry should not be limited in size – so say all the car manufacturers at CES and electronics giants like Samsung. Gadgetry should improve the conveniences we already enjoy in life. Like our fridge!

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Plenty of Portable Power

by Alison

Unfortunately, we live in a world where natural disasters are a reality. Blizzards, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rains, tsunamis, floods. The list is intimidating. Preparedness remains about our only defense in many situations. Those living in the line of such disasters have become accustomed to preparing themselves with things like food, water and sandbags. Yet our technology keeps us connected to the world. Why sacrifice contact with the outside world …

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iBattz Smart Charging Adapter wireless charging system for Galaxy S3 and Note 2

by Edwin

If you happen to own either a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (both are fine devices in their own right), then you might be interested to check out just what iBattz has in store for you this CES. We are looking at the new iBattz Smart Charging Adapter that caters for both devices (a 2-in-1 gizmo, so to speak) which delivers wireless charging capability, doing away …

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