CES 2007 Keynote – part 3

by Al

Windows Mobile When Bill Gates said Windows Mobile had greater market penetration than Blackberry I was slightly aghast but thinking about it I can believe it and after thinking about it a tad more I’m amazed I was even surprised. Windows Mobile seems to have sneaked onto so many mobiles, I can count on one hand the number of people I know with Blackberry cells. I have a few friends …

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CES 2007 Keynote – part 2

by Al

Key Note – Home Server It wasn’t that long ago when only us geeks had home LANs and servers in the garage, nowadays most (well if not most at least many) households seem to have (and need) multiple machines. Microsoft has taken note and more machines means more money you need a central repository to store those shared files and resources. Spotting the fact that most households don’t want (or …

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CES 2007 Keynote speech from Bill Gates (part 1)

by Marc


The room is packed, there are jugglers on stilts walking around to keep the crowd entertained while an entire ballroom fills with spectators and the soft rattle of hundreds of laptop keyboards sounds like rain falling outside. Lights dim, the introductary music fades and we begin the CES 2007 with the first keynote speech. Connectivity was the theme from Microsoft at this year’s keynote. Devices – mobile phones, PCs, TVs …

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LG GGW-H10N HD Blu-ray writer

by Marc


As well as announcing the world’s first multi standard high definition DVD player today, LG have also pulled off another world first by putting the same technology into a PC optical drive. The GGW-H10N can read both high def DVD formats, DVD and CD, and wite to blu-ray offering up to 50GB of storage using dual layer media. What the press release doesn’t make clear, and what I forgot to …

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LG promises an end to the high definition format war

by Marc

LG Super Multi Blu player

You know it’s going to be an important event when you can get a bunch of journalists out of bed for 8am on a Sunday morning. LG managed this trick with the first press conference of the 2007 CES, showcasing their latest technology – a high definition DVD player that is capable of playing both HD-DVD and blu-ray discs. The “Super Multi Blue” player BH100 is a very sleek looking …

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PC Bling

by Marc

Ego Tulip

Also on display at CES Unveiled last night was the… um… interesting designs of Dutch PC maker Ego. It certainly does make a statement, although what that might be is best left up to your imagination – I think the picture speaks for itself! To be fair, the skins are interchangable so if you don’t like the suede leopard print you could always choose something a little more orthodox – …

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Robotic Singing Elvis Bust

by Al

This was just bizarre, a talking and singing robotic Elvis. As I had the camera shakes (I’m blaming it on sleep depravation rather than the DT’s) here’s a video courtesy of Gizmodo:

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First Cool CES Toy – The BladeRunner Recon

by Al

BladeRunner Recon

After 20 hours of traveling and queuing I had to choose between drinking and gambling or attending the first official CES event of 2007, CES Unveiled and am I pleased the geeky side of my head won that argument. The CES show opens good and proper on Monday but tonight they gave us a bit of a preview of what to expect. There were 30 or so exhibits to have …

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