iRecord personal media recorder

by Marc

The iRecord Personal Media Recorder is a very cool device. It’s designed to get media onto your portable device. Any portable device in fact and that’s the trick it’s got up its sleeve. Things don’t get much simpler than this – to use it, you just plug your TV/DVD player/whatever into one end of the box and plug your portable media device into the other end.

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IZ3D 22″ 3D Gaming monitor

by Marc

iz3d monitor

I’ve seen 3D screens before. They cost as much as the space shuttle and were limited to strictly commercial applications. So it was a bit of a shock to find myself looking at a first person shooter in 3D on a 22″ widescreen LCD panel. The catch is that you need an NVidia graphics card – the panel uses the standard NVidia stereo drivers to produce a strikingly effective 3D …

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Trimersion wireless VR gaming headset

by Marc


Virtual Reality has had a chequred history over the years. It’s a technology that has always amazed anybody who’s tried it but the component cost has always kept it out of the hands of most people. Trimersion are trying to change that with the release of their wireless VR headet. Yes, I did say wireless! The problem with using a headset for first person shooters is that when you’re standing …

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Finally you can use the GPS that’s already in your phone!

by Fred

At the CES show in Las Vegas, Trimble has announced a way to get more use out of the GPS ready phone that you likely already have. The full expected rollout is late January 2007 for their Guideworks GPS solution. What it does is use your existing phone’s GPS chip in cooperation with their software, together you can use them to:map out a trip, tag pictures taken with your phone …

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Microsoft and Toshiba Announce the Portege R400

by Al

Protege R400

The Portege R400 is one sexy looking laptop (if you can say that about a billion or so transistors). It looks to of taken a fair bit of style ideas from the Mac (only available in gloss black or white) and is the ideal portable companion for Windows Vista (which also seems to of “borrowed” a few ideas from the Mac world).

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Digital Hero sports camera

by Marc

Digital Hero

Extreme sports fans rejoyce, no longer do you have to duct tape a video camera to your helmet and hope for the best. GoProCamera are showing their Digital Hero mode. It’s a 3MP digital camera that attaches securely to the wrist with velcro straps and takes stills or video with sound at 30fps. It’s also waterproof to 100 feet and it’s on sale for $139. Granted you could get a …

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Emtrace Widget station

by Marc


Emtrace are showing their new WidgetStation in pre-release form this year. It’s an internet connected desk clock with two screens capable of displaying “Widgets” – small pieces of content that grab different bits of internet content. Stock ticker, weather, whatever – it’s all there quietly cycling around on the displays. It’s a nice piece of design and would look good on the average geek’s desk. It should be available later …

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CES 2007 Keynote speech (Conclusion)

by Marc


The last half of the keynote was mostly given over to entertainment in all it’s forms. First we had some demos of up and coming games running on Vista. Well, actually we had video footage of the demos of the games but you get the idea. If the halo 3 footage is representative of the game play and not just something they knocked up for a demo then we’re in …

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