PC2TV – Watch Your PC Content on your TV

by Al

I’ve been looking for a wireless solution for transmitting HD quality movies to my (soon to own) plasma. I’ve been out of luck so far but I did come across the rather cool PC2TV device.

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The Gadget Way to Avoid Fake Mechanic Charges

by Al


I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m always exceedingly sceptical when I take my banger of a car in for a service and the smiling mechanic tells me it’s going to cost half a weeks wages to fix a problem I can’t even see or hear. I’m sure that most mechanics are an honest breed (I’m only sure as I don’t really want to commit international libel). A …

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Honda debuts new 2007 model Asimo!

by Marc


You have to admire a company that can continue a research program over 20 years and countless millions of dollars. A research program with the far reaching aim of mimicing human motion in robotic form. It was science fiction when they started it and it’s getting closer to science fact with every new revision. So what is Asimo? It’s a robot modelled after a human being. Unlike sony’s qrio, which …

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Flexmedia – Flexible Animated Signs

by Al


These looked cool, ultra flexible animated posters. Flexmedia uses EL (Electroluminescent) to manufacture striking signage. The above picture doesn’t do the display justice, animation after the jump. So what exactly is EL?

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Personal Alarm for Kids

by Al

Kids Alarm

Being a father, I’m always interested in finding gadgets that make parenting a little easier or less stressful and On Guard Kids does just that. On Guard Kids is a personal safety alert system. Your child wears it around their wrist like a regular watch and if the nightmare situation occurs where somebody tries to abduct your child they can quickly and easily set off an ear piercing 110 decibel …

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Cable Capture – Hide the Tangles

by Al

Cable Capture

I’m a fan of wireless but that hasn’t prevented the spaghetti like mess accumulating under my desk. One of the more low tech gadgets I came across over on the CES main floor was Cable Capture a simple but highly effective way of hiding cable excess.

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MFUEL – The Way Chargers Should Be

by Al


This is a simple, exceedingly obvious and about time kind of gadget, the MFUEL series consolidates multiple chargers into one device (well one device with multiple changeable connections as manufactures just like to be different).

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