Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope…

by Marc

The LucasArts franchise gains yet another prodcut with this R2D2 styled DVD projector from Nikko Electronics. It may not be able to project holograms but it is a DVD player, projector and remote controlled robot! The feature list is: LCoS PRojector projecting up to 80″ wide iPod dock DVD Player (with remote styled after millenium falcon) Memory card slot for photo slideshows Movement and sound of the whole unit via …

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Loc8tor Plus

by Al


We originally previewed the Loc8tor back in 2005, this year at CES we finally had a chance to play with one and also find out about the new Loc8tor Plus. The Loc8tor is an interesting gadget that helps us find our other gadgets when we accidentally leave them lying around. With the new Loc8tor Plus it doesn’t only help in finding lost gadgets it also prevents us losing them in …

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Camera Armour

by Marc


Sometimes a “gadget” doesn’t have to have flashing lights or take batteries. Sometimes it can just be a neat, useful accessory. Which is the category Camera Armour falls into. SLR Cameras are delicate pieces of equipment, but they have to operate in some pretty unforgiving environments. Even the relatively sheltered environment of a show such as this one has it’s perils – a camera swinging from your shoulder can easily …

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The Tornado file transfer device

by Marc


Here’s something a bit different. The Tornado is a USB file transfer device that contains software very remaniscent of laplink (if any of you go back that far…). You plug the USB cable into each machine and press the button on the device. That launches the software, which immediately goes full screen on each PC showing a tree view of the drives and files on “this machine” and “other machine” …

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LukWerks wireless video security

by Marc


Home security is a growing business, and as the value of our contents increases (when we keep buying toys ) the need to look after them becomes greater. LukWerks are demonstrating a neat video security system this year that will appeal to the tech-oritented consumer. The system includes a variety of different cameras for different uses – indoor, outdoor and a “spy” camera housed in a desk clock. The cameras …

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MonsterPod camera limpet

by Marc


They don’t call it a limpet, they call it a “Viscoelastic Gravity Defying Tripod”. But it is a limpet nonetheless. Press it firmly down onto just about anything, attach a point and shoot camera and you’re good to go. You can even stick it to a ceiling if you want. Neat! More information from

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Spot the speaker in this picture

by Marc


OK, it was a trick question. Everything in this picture hides a speaker of some sort, from satellite to subwoofer. Unfortunately when I took the photo there was nobody around to ask and no brochures in evidence, but from the big sign I’m guessing that these are from Audiovox. (someone correct me if I’m wrong!)

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Eleksen smart fabrics

by Marc


Eleksen are a technology company making the “smart fabrics” that are starting to appear in clothing and bags. If you see a jacket with iPod controls on the sleeve there’s a fair chance it’s powered by Elekson and we spent a bit of time at their booth this afternoon exploring the technology.

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