A Condom for your Phone

by Al

I’ve seen some awesome sights at CES (especially since the Adult Entertainment Expo is next door :)) but the booth with Nancy in the hot tub became a regular meeting point and navigation spot. Nancy demonstrated the skins-mobile a pretty interesting way to keep wet stuff and grime off your device. A big thanks to Charlie of Gizmodo for the video, enjoy!

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Novint Falcon controller thing

by Marc


The title is deliberately vague, because it’s so different to anything out there that I can’t draw a comparison with anything else. I think we’ll stick with “controller” as that’s nice and generic. The basic idea is that you manipulate the ball in X and Y axis, just like a mouse, but the controller can push back on any one of it’s three connecting arms. The end result is motion …

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The Foot Mouse

by Al


I’ve seen some pretty cool mice in my time (Slim Mouse, SD Card Reader Mouse, hand warming mouse, etc.), I can now add to that list the slipper mouse, a mouse you control with your feet. At first it looked a bit odd to use, you wear a slipper on one foot which you drag around to move the pointer whilst with the other foot you can hit pedals in …

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SportVue heads up display

by Marc


SportVue are showing previews of their upcoming heads up display for motorcyclists. The device attaches to the helmet visor and projects the engine management information (speed, RPM, selected gear) into your peripheral vision. The information is gathered by a control module and transmitted wirelessly to the helmet. The new model adds display of radar information from your speed detector (not included), bluetooth compatibility to show call information from your phone, …

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Mighty Massage Mouse

by Al

Massage Mouse

Yomping around CES is a tiring job (but it beats going to work for a living), dotted around the show floor there are some very welcome rest areas where you can sit down, relax and get a free revitalising massage. Nearby one of these relaxing zones I came across the Massage Mouse.

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by Marc


InferPoint are showing the SlimMouse off – it’s about the size of a finger so it certainly qualifies as portable. The traditional left and right buttons have been rearranged to be in front of each other, and a scroll wheel is on the side. It’s innovative but personally I found it pretty unergonomic to use. I’ve not got big hands but I had to scrunch them up to get any …

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Spyke – The Make Your Own WiFi Spy Robot

by Al

Spyke WiFi

It’s another robot with a cutesy name, SPYKE the WiFi Spy Robot. It’s due to be sold under the Meccano brand name which is pretty appropriate as you’ll have to make him your self.

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R2D2 web cam with “SkypeSaber”

by Marc


From the same people who brought you the R2D2 DVD projector comes a neat web cam. Again, it’s R2D2 styled and mobile, but it’s somewhat smaller being designed to fit on a desk. The remote control for it is a full scale model of a light saber but also doubles up as a USB phone. Al saw it immediately coined the term “SkypeSaber” – I have no idea what they’re …

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