Diary of a CES virgin

by Marc

Believe it or not the preparations for the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas start well in advance of the January exhibition date. The decent hotels will sell out long before the end of the year and companies are already booking exhibition space. Why mention this now? Well here at CG we’re going through the press registration process for CES 2008 and that reminded me that I made a few …

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Broadclip Mediacatcher, the best thing you missed at CES

by Fred

mediacatcher logo

At Broadclip, you can find you that MediaCatcher you should have seen at CES (I think it was post iPhone debacle and everyone had permanently lost their heads at that point in time.) It works like the beloved Tivo, only they have one version for the radio, and the other for the telly (we call it a TV over here, but what can you do?) Here is their main page …

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Neosonik wireless A/V system

by Marc


Wireless speakers have been around for a while now, usually used in surround applications where long cable runs are impractical. The problem with them historically has been the sound quality – mention wireless to an audiophile and you’ll get a pretty unenthusiastic response (after all, someone who’s just spent $1000 on speaker cable isn’t going to tell you that it’s unnecessary). Neosonik have challenged this assumption with their new wireless …

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Momento – Digital Photo Frame By i-Mate

by Tiago

Momento - Digital Photo Frame By i-Mate

First of all, before talking about the newest Digital Photo Frame that I found, I would like to say that we have reached the point of exhaustion on the digi frames topic, this is the item number 10 and as always here is a preview of the other frames we talked about: 1 – Picture Keyring 2 – Digital Photo Keychain 3 – Yet Another Digital Picture Frame 4 – …

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Beanie Headphones

by Al


To say I’m not a fan of beanies (them dumb looking woolly hats) is probably putting it a bit mildly (I can look stupid without wearing a hat that fits my head like a condom thank you very much), so when I saw these at CES I was suitably unimpressed, the beanie with built-in headphones. Thinking about it these beanies do have one distinct advantage, you can’t hear people telling …

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Sansa Connect, the new iPod killer

by Dan


It looks like SandDisk is not messing around to get its Sansa players out on the market. The flash memory manufacturer presented in fact the Sansa Connect MP3 player over this year’s CES, and it received a lot of positive feedback. The new player comes with a 2,2 inch TFT color screen, an internal speaker and flash memory instead of hard disks. The really innovative feature, however, is the Wi-Fi …

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by Dan


WowWee’s new robot, which appeared at this year’s CES, is called Roboquad and amused people crawling around on its four legs. The robot comes with infra-red sensors and apparently it can be used as guard since it is able to scan for sounds and movements, up to 10 feet away. The manufacturer is claiming that the robot should also be able to identify objects of different sizes, move around furniture …

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Hyperdrive photo wallet

by Marc


“Photo wallets” are nothing new – devices to back up your memory card to a hard drive have become common in the past few years. The Sanho Hyperdrive is one such device and while it may not be the newest product concept there’s still room for a well implemented one. The Hyperdrive has a rechargable Li-Ion battery, takes a whole list of card formats that I’m not going to bother …

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