PulseLink promises wireless HDMI

by Marc

PulseLink promises an end to the wiring nightmare that is a modern home cinema setup, by offering OEMs an easy way to build in wireless HD video transmission. The PulseLink PL3304 RDK is a wireless transmit /receive station that can send HDMI signals between compatible devices. It’s available to OEMs as a direct "plug in and go" module so it should be easy to integrate into existing designs. They’re trying …

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Pass the beer please

by Al

rc beer

It’s thirsty work walking around the CES 2008 show, but if you are in need of refreshment in the form of a nice cold beer (or alternatively a soft drink of course) then you could use the remote control cooler from Interactive Concept Toys. Capable of storing up to 6 drinks and also collapsible for easy transportation it would make a great present for dad! Another feature is the carrying …

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Zagg Invisible Shield

by Marc


We posted about this before, but it’s always good to see these things with your own eyes. I had a quick demo of the "Invisible Shield" film from zagg and I must say I’m impressed. Imagine a transparent flexible film. Now stretch it over the point of a car key and pull both sides down. Really, really hard. The film had a slight dent when we finished but other than …

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Oregon Scientific debuts new weather line-up

by Marc

osi weather center

Oregon Scientific have long been known for their advanced takes on common ideas and at CES this year they’re moving into the weather forecasting game with a raft of new products. At the top of the line is this digital weather station, which gives you all the sensors you need for a comprehensive forecast and transmits the data wirelessly to the control panel, giving you at-a-glace information on 10 measurements …

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CG at CES 2008

by Marc


Today is Sunday, which means last night was Saturday, which in CES speak means CES Unveiled, the pre-CES press event. So why no post from the event? Well by the time we’d finished we were approaching our 23rd hour awake and as anybody who’s done that knows the brain starts to go a bit… funny at those times. Point in case – the most heated discussion after the event: Hottest …

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Pinnacle Video Transfer cuts out the PC middleman

by James

Pinnacle Video Transfer

It may not have a sexy name, but Pinnacle’s new pocket sized Video Transfer is a great gadget for the movie obsessed who want to encode videos on the fly but simply don’t have the PC skills to get the job done. In fact, the Video Transfer doesn’t even need a PC to do it.

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Panasonic brings monster 150 inch HDTV to CES

by James

Panasonic 150 inch plasma

Every year, January is all about CES in Las Vegas. It’s the high tech Disneyland for the gadget obsessed. Everything with a circuit will be announced and drooled over. But already, the one item that’s catching everyone’s attention is Panasonic’s monster 150 inch Plasma HDTV.

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