‘Built’ laptop backpacks and carry cases

by Al

Built NY Inc showcased their laptop backpack carrying packs, together with a selection of their range of alternative carrying cases and covers for a whole host of other portable devices, such as cameras, chargers and even USB’s! In a great range of funky designs and colours, and made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh for performance and comfort. Prices from $15 for the Electric Pocket to $80 for the …

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iRobot Looj – The Gutter Cleaning Robot

by Al


We wrote about the iRobot Looj back in September, at the time I thought it was pretty cool but a bit too much on the niche side to be be a real hit. However here at CES I’ve seen one in action and must admit after watching it and speaking to the sales guy (taken with a big pinch of salt) it could actually be worth buying. To use the …

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CES: New SD Cards pushing the edge of the digital envelope

by James


With still camera megapixel sizes increasing and camcorder manufacturer’s designing solid state HD video models, the demand for SD cards with greater file capacity is growing. And at CES, we’ve found two companies that are pushing the SD capcity envelope to it’s limits.

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Lucky Dawg, your robotic best friend

by Al

Wrex the Dawg

WoW Wee are continuing to impress me with their cool toys and robots, one of this years offerings is Wrex the robotic dog and he does everything you’d expect from a pet dog, he looks cute, barks and even cocks his leg and has a virtual pee, cool! Wrex has three different moods (happy, angry and crazy) and 3 desires (exercise, call of nature and hunger), he expresses this via …

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Alienware Curved Display For Ultimate Gaming

by Carolyn


At this year’s CES, the folks over at Alienware have showcased the ultimate gaming nerd’s computer monitor. The mammoth Alienware 2880 x 900 curved display gives the gamer a sense of having peripheral vision – which is great for those first person shooter games. This allows the gamer to immerse even more into the gameplay of a particularly intriguing first person shooter like Crysis or Bioshock. From the Engadget report:

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CES 2008 Gates keynote

by Marc

Bill Gates

Last year the queues for getting into see the Gates keynote were beyond a joke so this year we took a new strategy: Sit in the bloghaus (kindly provided by Seagate and Podtech) and watch the live webcast of the keynote from the comfort of a sofa in the Bellagio. So without further ado – here are the highlights. The keynote opened with the announcement that this is Gates’ last …

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SE2 Brings you "The One"

by Marc

ITC One Beauty front open

SE2 labs think that high-end custom installs are getting too complicated. If you go it alone you’ve got a bewildering array of choices when it comes to amplifiers, video processors, projectors, sound sources etc and that’s before you’ve tried to make them all talk to each other. So they’ve done the hard work for you. Take a large box that wouldn’t be out of place in a high-tech computer room. …

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Help, I’m stuck!

by Al


If you’ve ever found yourself totally lost or stuck; your mobile’s died and you’ve no idea how you’re going to contact anyone to ask for help; you need to get yourself a SPOT Statellite Personal Messenger, available from SPOT Inc and as seen at the CES 2008 Unveiled. This neat little device not only lets you know where you are via a GPS or satellite network, it can also let …

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