Viable introduce VPAD

by Al

CES 08 Unveiled gave Viable the opportunity to show their VPAD, a wireless portable videophone designed specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing. Not only does the VPAD have light displays to indicate incoming messages/calls, it also allows the hearing impaired to take the kit with them so they can sign in to their Video Relay Service which enables them to effectively have a portable translation service.

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Adesso Cyberpad

by Marc

Adesso Cyberpad

This is something that came up last year, but this year it actually exists as a product rather than a concept. The Adesso Cyberpad is a "digital clipboard" that lets you take handwritten notes on paper, then transfer them to the PC. The clipboard has on-board memory to store your notes, then when you plug it in you can download your scribbles for archival or electronic sharing. It also functions …

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Norazza Data Destroyer

by Marc

Norazza data destroyer

Addressing the problem of confidential data being left on surplus PCs and media, the Norazza Data Destroyers are a range of crushers and shredders that make sure nothing can be recovered from devices once they’ve reached the end of their lives. Pictured is the powered hard drive crusher – as well as crushing the hard drive or cellphone you want to dispose it also pushes 4 large spikes physically through …

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OLogic robotic technologies

by Al


This company is an embedded systems research and development company and at CES 08 showcased some of it’s innovative and cool robotics. I was particularly impressed with “Flexo” as seen above, which has the abilitity to travel upright on 2 wheels, which showed some exemplary balance skills, and also recognising colours which it then follows like a little lost puppy. It was set up to recognise the colour red and …

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Norazza CD protector

by Marc

Norazza d-skin

This Norazza d-skin clips onto CDs and protects it from scratches. It doesn’t interfere with the normal operation of the CD so you can just attach it and leave it. Useful for families with kids (who never seem to grasp that the silver disk isn’t actually indestructible) and those offices where CDs get left around on desks, used as Frisbees and generally abused. Prices start at $12.99 for 5.

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Always-On camera armour

by Marc

Always On with tripod

We covered Camera Armour at CES last year and it looks like they’re still innovating. The latest product is protection for compact cameras. It’s a neoprene sleeve that attaches to the tripod adapter and wraps around the camera, protecting it from knocks and scratches. Because it’s permanently attached you can unfold it (it closes with velcro) and take a photo in less time than it would take you to remove …

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CES: AudioVox announces Digital Message Center

by James

AudioVox Digital Message Center

Everyone has notes on their refrigerator. Grocery lists, reminders, even notes from the kids telling mom when they’ll be home for supper. But how many can say they have audio and video as well? If AudioVox’s Digital Picture Frame and Message Board catches on, we all will.

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WildCharge wireless device charging

by Marc


Wireless power distribution has been talked about for a while now but WildCharge actually have a product to show. The WildCharge product range includes a pad, which plugs into the wall and provides the power source, and a variety of adapters to enable wireless charging of your existing devices – including the iPhone. Drop the device on the pad and it starts charging automatically. The adapters take the form of …

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