Latest Tech News – 7 January

by Tiago

SlingPlayer for BlackBerry – Almost there… Sling Media will show a demo of the SlingPlayer for BlackBerry at CES 2008, and hopefully, the software will be released to the public before 2009. In case you don’t know, SlingPlayer is a software that enables users to watch live TV on their own BlackBerry smartphone, be it with 3G or WiFi technology. The price to watch television on the go is $30. …

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Astak due to launch Wireless Baby Monitor

by Al


Due February 2008, Astak launch their new Wireless Baby Monitor. It has a cute flower design soft light, with power on/off by touching the flower branch. Capable of operating a night vision mode with a range of upto 5m, so you can keep an eye on your precious little ones with their lights out. It also has 4 channels optional to avoid possible interference and built in microphone for audio …

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AnyFix, a somewhat generic mobile charger

by Al


In my house each of us has a different mobile phone, all of which require a different charger. This next gadget could eliminate that, the Anyfix, a ‘one for all’ charging solution. The AnyFix has adjustable arms to hold different sized cells, and to cope with the different sockets you can manually rotate the various connectors built in the base. Presently it is aimed at the German market with adaptors …

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Yoggie internet security

by Marc


PC security is a tough subject to talk about. You can see people’s eyes glazing over as soon as you mention anti-spam and anti-virus software, and don’t even mention firewalls. Yoggie are trying to change this with the "personal security server". This is a pretty cool concept. The USB stick actually houses a complete Linux based PC, complete with CPU, memory and security software. When you put Yoggie into your …

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IdentityPal USB digital identification tag

by Al


Ever lost your dog, cat or even your kid? If you have, you’ll know the panic which can ensue. However, if your animal of choice (or child) is kitted out with their own Identity Pal USB device, it’ll have all the information on it to let people know where to return the wandering little so and so back to. Also, if you or one of your family or friends is …

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SentrySafe waterproof hard drive!

by Marc


Fire safes are nothing new, but most people forget that paper burns at a relatively high temperature. Media, on the other hand, is much more fragile and consequently a data safe needs to keep a much lower internal temperature than something designed to just protect paper. Of course if you’re using a data safe to keep your precious hard drive full of backups safe, you can’t use the drive. Until …

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Manfrotto ModoSteady camcorder stabiliser

by Marc


Manfrotto are known for high quality camera tripod system. This year they’re launching the "ModoSteady" video camera stabiliser system at CES. It’s basically a comfortable grip with a counterweight that hangs down under the camera to give it some stability. It really does make a surprising difference – as camcorders get smaller, they get harder to hold steady and even with stabilisation built in to the camera you can still …

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