Ceiva’s new Photo Frames unveiled at CES

by Mark R

While I was at CES this year, I saw a lot of digital picture frames. Most of them were pretty much the same, the usual downloading capability and good resolution, but I would have to say that the ones from Ceiva were pretty exceptional. The Ceiva Pro190 is designed for those who have very little, shall we say, technical savvy. Downloading the picture on them is quite simple, and it …

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Mio C720t is one cool GPS

by Mark R

Mio C720t

I believe I mentioned a few days ago an accident that occurred with a GPS device and an oncoming train. Just to let you know, I was able to use a GPS device to get me from where I was to CES 2008 in Las Vegas without any trouble. While I CES, I found a GPS that was absolutely awesome: the Mio C720t. At first it seems like the C720t …

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Belkin Flywire makes splash at CES 2008

by Mark R


At CES, I went to the Belkin booth and found M:i:III playing on a bigscreen TV. At first I was not that impressed (with the movie and the display), but then I found out that the 1080p Cinema quality was playing completely without wires. I was then told a device was in motion called the FlyWire, a device that allows for the placement of your HDTV television anywhere, and transmits …

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Tannoy PSP Speaker System

by Mark R

PSP Stereo System

While at CES, I got a chance to talk to the nice people of Tannoy. If you haven’t heard of Tannoy, they do a lot of work with speakers. I am told that several of the speakers on the Las Vegas strip were manufactured by them, so they are experts at making things loud. They also showed me their PSP Speaker System, and it was equally impressive. It works by …

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The Mr Clock Radio Choir

by Al

Mr Clock Radio

We wrote about Mr Clock Radio back in October 2007, I find them over at CES and yhey also had a very cool display of 5 of them singing together (sort of). Can’t see the video? Click here. You can find further info about Mr. Clock Radion in our original post, though I’m now holding out for the full Mr Clock Radio harmonizing choir.

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Radar snoops your kids’ cellphone

by Marc


The RADAR system is designed to let parents keep an eye on their kids’ cellphone activity. You start by installing their software on the phone (it supports most of the major platforms  and more are on the way) and signing up for an account on the website www.mymobilewatchdog.com. Once you’ve done that, the phone sends a copy of every text or photo sent and received to your (i.e. the parent’s) …

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CES 2008 WoW Wee Flutterby and Fairyfly

by Al


Not all girls are into helicoptors, planes and other such microflying toys, so WoW Wee have now come up with two fairly girly options; Flutterby and Fairyfly. Both charge on a hand held charging unit and take about 10 seconds or so to charge up and then fly for 20 seconds (Flutterby) and 5 minutes (Fairyfly). The Flutterby can be used either indoors or outdoors and whilst not directly controllable …

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Neosonik show working HD Audio / Video

by Marc

Neosonik transmittter

Last year I wrote about Neosonik, who were trumpeting a Wireless HD home theatre solution. Unfortunately they had show gremlins and couldn’t demonstrate the video at the time. I went back today to check up on progress, and guess what? It really works. I saw "Casino Royale" in 1080p, coming from a blu-ray source. Let me recap that, in case you glossed over it: 1080p high definition video with audiophile …

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