BOB Screentime controller

by Al

Fed up of the kids being stuck in front of the computer or TV all day? Always end up in an argument when it’s time to kick them off? Perhaps you need to try BOB the screentime controller. You simply plug him into any device with a screen and program in how long you will allow your sprogs to go boggle eyed. Then, when time’s up, he switches it off …

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Dreamflyer brings a new dimension to flight simulation

by Marc


The flight simulation market is relatively small, compared to the numbers of people who play other game genres, but simmers can be quite passionate about their hobby. It’s these folk that DreamFlyer are addressing with their motion simulator chassis. The DreamFlyer is a metal chassis containing a figure-hugging sports style seat and a Saitek X-52 pro flight system with rudder pedals. The chair "floats" and moves in 2 dimensions (pitch/yaw). …

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Soundolier Wireless speakers and… lamps?

by Marc


Soundolier have an ingenious solution to a common problem: Movies need surround sound, but surround speakers take space, intrude into the room and need cabling. Floor standing lamps though – they’re just part of the furniture right? Not quite, it turns out… Now, they’re wireless surround speakers too! Although they were designed as surround speakers and not replacements for a full 5.1 speaker setup, the stand here has them hooked …

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Always travel with a toothbrush (a clean toothbrush)

by Al


If you do a lot of travelling or perhaps you just stay over a few nights at a friends house, you know how annoying it can be when you retrieve your toothbrush from your washbag and it’s collected all the crud from the bottom (yuk). Well perhaps you need to have a look at the Esencia Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer. Not only will it keep your toothbrush in a sturdy little …

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Tribot from WoW Wee

by Al


The WoW Wee stand had us hovering around for quite a while and we particularly liked Tribot, the interactive robot. Not only does he have great movement function due to the tri-wheel base, but he also acts as a door guard to prevent pesky little brothers or sisters coming into your room. Another of his features is as an alarm clock – nothing too new in that you may think. …

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Logitech diNovo Mini

by Mark R

diNovo Mini

As a fan of Logitech products, I find that the company responds well to the needs of the consumer. For example, there is a trend in consumers to operate their computers from their television sets. Of course, that still means that the consumer must provide some interface such as a space-wasting keyboard or mouse. However, the Logitech diNovo Mini is a handheld device that can provide both. As you can …

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Skull Candy iPhone FMJ

by Mark R

iPhone FMJ

CES 2008 led to lots of great discoveries, and one of them was found in Skull Candy. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Skull Candy before, and it kind of sounds like some candy in the shape of skulls. However, Skull Candy is aptly named because it is like candy to your skull, and one of their newest products illustrates that. This product, the iPhone FMJ, are …

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[email protected]: Parrot Motorcycle Handsfree Kit

by Al

Parrot Motorcycle Handsfree Kit

Whilst walking around the CES Showstoppers meet and greet, I came upon the Parrot SK4000 bluetooth handsfree motorcycle kit. Now as I have a brother who is a keen biker dude, I thought this was a great idea so was keen to learn more. The microphone attaches to the helmet via a pressure clip and once on, it ain’t coming off, so no worries about it flying off whilst doing …

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