Nyko Intercooler Available for the Consoles Three

by Mark R

Wii Intercooler

Even though the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, and Sony Playstation 3 are constant at odds, they do have one thing in common: they all get hot. Not hot like you can’t keep them in stock, but that is true for the Wii. I’m talking about general heat given off. The Xbox 360 has this phenomenon known as the “four rings of death”. It is named so because once …

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LG Rolls Out Three Cool Phones

by Mark R

LG Voyager

While visiting the LG booth at CES, I got to check out the three highlight phones from the company. Some of these phones have received some CES awards for Innovations, and they are something to talk about. The Voyager, for example, is breaking new ground as the first handset with an interactive touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. Not only that, it has a cool retractable antenna for V CAST, …

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zControl from Actiontec

by Mark R


I had a chance to meet with the nice people from Actiontec, who showed me their latest device, the zControl. The zControl is a “home management system” that allows you to control devices in your home such as the lights, powered shades, garage doors, even your thermostat! Actiontec showed me the menu, and it is a control panel that allows you click your devices on and off. Not only that, …

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How do you make a FPS more realistic? Simulate the bullet hits!

by Marc


You know you’ve got a winning product when everyone who tries it comes away with huge grins and can’t stop talking about the experience. Which was exactly what happened at the TN Games booth today. The FPS Gaming vest is a new gaming peripheral aimed at the first person shooter market. Looking like a flack jacket, the vest will actually "punch" you when you get hit. Not only that, but …

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Spykee now has a family

by Al

Spykee family

We reported on Spykee last year at CES, well this year he is not alone, he now has his own little family. First off is Spykee Cell who you control via your mobile phone using Bluetooth, he does such fun things as moving his head and has various lights and sounds. It also incorporates a camera so he can take pictures and transfer them to your phone. Next up is …

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Executive Webcams

by Al


Do you want to snazzy up your webcam and have something a little more swish and exclusive than the normal designs around? We found the Computer Expressions stand at CES 08 and saw some pretty neat ExecCams made from cork, polished marble and wood,. as well as some looking like high-tech gun sights! Some models can also be laser engraved with corporate logos – so if you’re buying for clients …

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Ridata Yego Drive

by Al

Yego Drive

RiTek USA have come up with a cool flash drive with the added bonus of a two-port hub. This therefore eliminates the frustration of having no spare ports for additional USB devices and cables. It can also daisy-chain to add in more ports (recommended maximum of 6). It also has an LED status light showing which of the ports is in use. The Yego Drive comes in various colours and …

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