by James

CES has had several surprises this week, and today is one of them as USB 3.0 cables have been spotted on the showroom floor. USB 3.0 has been talked about for awhile now and everyone has been waiting to see if the promise of blazing transfer speeds can take on the king that is IEEE 1394 (otherwise known as Firewire) 800. Well, the specs are in and USB engineers claim …

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Wacom Cintiq 12WX

by Mark R

Cintiq 12WX

If you’ve never been to CES before, it can get mighty tiring wandering around from Booth to Booth, looking at products. Some of them don’t look any different than others, so it makes it hard to find one that really stands out from the crowd. I did find some serious stand-out factor when I passed the booth for Wacom. This Washington state company is responsible for the Cintiq series of …

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22Moo and Yellow Mosquito Video Goggles

by Mark R

22Moo Video Goggles

22Moo International, the international developer and distributor responsible for such award winning technology such as the Sleeptracker and Dr. Mist products, had a very interesting display at CES this year. This time, they were highlighting these wonderful viewing goggles made by a partner company, Yellow Mosquito. Viewing goggles are nothing new, and the myvu and Vuzix iWear were prominently displayed at CES 2008. However, I found that the 22Moo was …

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Vestalife Ladybug Speaker and iPod dock

by Mark R

Vestalife Ladybug

It’s easy to see how the Vestalife Ladybug Speaker dock for the iPod obtained its name. As you can see, the speakers fold out in a very aesthetically pleasing way, not unlike a real ladybug. What you can’t see in the photo is the built-in three inch subwoofer that is installed on the other side. I found that it gave a lot better sound that most iPod docks, who usually …

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Samsung SCH-i760 available from Verizon Wireless

by Mark R

Samsung SCH-i760

It seems like every phone that I see at CES 2008 I want to make my next mobile phone, and the Samsung SCH-i760 is by no means no exception. There is certainly a lot to like about this phone that Samsung was displaying quite proudly at CES 2008 this year. Number one, it slides up to a QWERTY keyboard, which is always a seller as we enter into the era …

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Laptop Mounts by PanaVise

by Al

Laptop holder for the car

If you’re always driving here, there and everywhere and are fed up of balancing your laptop on your knee when you pull over to check your mail or see where your next appointment is, then help is at hand in the guide of the Laptop Mount from PanaVise. I’m sure this will be a boon to most travelling business people. It should fit most make of vehicle and can be …

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Neonode N2 Cell phone

by Mark R

Neonode N2

To all those who work for Neonode, let it me known that the employee known as Claudia deserves a raise. The reason being is because there were many booths at CES 2008 that ignored me completely, even though I could bring them some easy press. However, Claudia came right up to me and showed me the Neonode N2, and she had me at hello. She was legitimately excited about this …

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Checking Tire Pressure the Gadget Way

by Al


Checking the tire pressures of your car is generally pretty tedious and involves checking each individually either with your own tool or a trip to the garage, this next gizmo lets you see the pressure without leaving the driving seat (if, unlike me, you have a new swanky car it might already do this for you but this site is for us cheapskates too). The TPMS-201 (which I assume stands …

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