Hitachi says 1.5 is here!

by Mark R

When I was at CES 2008 last week, there was a lot of hype over the Hitachi 1.5. In fact, Hitachi had these mobile billboards driven around all around the town proclaiming “1.5 is here”. I’ve always found ad campaigns like these a little awkward. They tend to assume that you know what the product is, which sort of defeats the purpose of advertising. For those who do not know, …

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Coolest Gadget of CES 2008 – Open to Votes

by Al

We’ve had a fun time covering CES and in our ongoing quest of finding the coolest gadget we came across a few worthy contenders. So we need a bit help in deciding what was the Coolest Gadget of CES 2008. We’ve made a shortlist of our favourite 3, so please vote for one of those or add your own (ideally from one of the gadgets we covered rather than missed :) ). If you leave a comment as well you’ll be in the running for a $50 Amazon or Think Geek voucher as our way of saying thanks (the winner will be drawn randomly 48 hours after this post when the voting ends).

So our short list of coolest CES gadgets is:

Computerized Chopper

Computerized ChopperThe concept was to produce a product capable of operating under some pretty tough conditions and to show the potential of the current embedded technology. The result was the SwitchBack PC, a product which was already in development stages by Black Diamond. Read more »

FPS Gaming vest – Feel the Bullets

How do you make a FPS more realistic? Simulate the bullet hits!The FPS Gaming vest is a new gaming peripheral aimed at the first person shooter market. Looking like a flack jacket, the vest will actually “punch” you when you get hit. Not only that, but it punches where you get hit too. It doesn’t bruise, but you definitely know you’ve been fragged and where the shot came from. Read more »

Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

Crap at Guitar Hero? Practice on the Move with Air GuitarAir Guitar Rocker is officially licensed with Guitar Hero but you don’t need to own Guitar Hero to play. Simply wear the supplied ‘heavy metal’ belt buckle, attach it to the included processor thingie and you’re good to go. Play your air guitar by strumming the plectrum in front of your groin the belt buckle. Read more (and watch the video) »

Please let us know what you think, other suggestions are more than welcome.


If you are reading this via our feed you’ll have to visit the site to vote. Thanks and good luck in the draw. Gives You Postcards from the Cell Phone

by Mark R


The picture to the left is simply a scan of a postcard that I received in the mail, and there are several things that make this picture special. The first thing is that it depicts a handsome blogger who visited CES 2008 in Las Vegas, and is holding up a genuine Las Vegas napkin as “proof that I was here”. The second thing is that the postcard is made from …

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iRiver SPINN MP4 Player

by Mark R

iRiver SPINN

After CES, I saw a lot of coverage on iRiver’s new line of products, but I was surprised that there was little on the new SPINN MP4 Player. Perhaps this was due to the SPINN being under a glass cage at the booth. Unfortunately, I do not know if they ever took the player out of its display case at any time during the Expo. Therefore, I wasn’t able to …

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Computerized Chopper

by Al

Intel Chopper

Look’s like I’m having a bit of a session on bikes at the moment and the coolest I’ve found so far has to be the operational concept chopper produced in collaboration between Intel and Orange County Choppers with just a little help from Black Diamond. The concept was to produce a product capable of operating under some pretty tough conditions and to show the potential of the current embedded technology. …

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Invisible Shield by ZAGG Inc.

by Mark R

Invisible Shield

All right, I believe this will be my last CES 2008 related story. I mean, it really is getting kind of old. Basically, one of my last experiences plays out like this: I was walking along, minding a lot of other booth’s business, when some representative from ZAGG Inc. shows me the Invisible Shield. The Invisible Shield is essentially glorified cellophane tape, but it is designed to protect cell phones …

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Hot Concepts Dock, Lock, and Roll good for any Laptop

by Mark R

Dock Lock Roll

For those that like to live by the laptop, I found a product at CES 2008 that can counteract the problems that result from constant usage. This product, known as the Dock, Lock, and Roll is developed by Hot Concepts, and I got a chance to talk to the inventor, Carl Jacobs. The first problem of the laptop is how hot the laptop can get. In fact, if you keep …

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Digital Frame prints copies while playing a happy tune

by James

Digital Frame and Printer

How many times have you had a family member over for dinner and they’ve looked at your framed photographs and quipped that they’d love a copy. You promise to have one made but life being as it is, you never seem to get around to pulling the picture out of the frame, driving down to the 1 hour photo to get a copy, and then drop it in the mail. …

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