EMTEC Gdium – a netbook with a G-Key

by Al

There’s a multitude of netbooks on the market at the moment, so I nearly walked straight past the new one from EMTREC, the Gdium mobile netbook. The unique selling point of the Gdium is that it has no storage and must be booted from a USB drive, known as the G-Key. The G-Key contains the OS (Linux), applications and user data and slots undeneath the front of the machine. The …

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TruPhone update brings phone, IM to iPod touch

by Marc

iPod Touch

The latest update to the TruPhone VOIP/IM software brings the iPod touch into the community of supported devices and adds Skype compatibility. Similar to Skype, Truphone allows users to contact other Truphone users for free and landlines around the world for not a lot. Unlike Skype, Truphone also allows you to talk or chat to your contacts on other services including gTalk and Skype making it a complete communications solution. …

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Put your data in the cloud with Pogoplug

by Marc

The Pogoplug

I like simple. Strange thing to say for a geek but to paraphrase Honda, sometimes it’s nice when things just work. That’s what I find appealing about the Pogoplug. Plug a USB hard drive in to it. Plug it into your router. See your hard drive on the internet. That’s it – no config, no networking to set up, no monthly fee. It just… works! Or at least that’s the …

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Roland Rock Band

by Marc


Face it – making noise by hitting stuff is fun, which is why Rock Band flew off the shelves despite the high price. Roland are cashing in on this craze with two new products – the HD-1 entry level electronic drum kit and the DT-HD1 drum trainer software. Roland drum kits are well regarded and the HD-1 has all the usual toys you’d expect from a modern instrument – velocity …

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ReBit – Time Machine for Windows

by Marc


“So what am I looking at?” “Time machine for Windows.” That was pretty much how the conversation surrounding the Rebit product went and I can’t think of a better description so I’m stealing it! (with apologies to Apple…). Rebit copies any and all changes made to your PC onto a backup drive, silently and automatically. If you ever need to go back to a previous version of a file you …

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Cell-Mate Strap will make you look mentally challenged

by Ally

Cell-Mate Straps have managed to find their way into the wide world of CES.  It makes it so that you can talk on your cellphone without using your hands.  Which is nice for driving or just when you’re busy with other activities.  However, you’ll probably still get pulled over by the cops, just so they can make sure you’re competent enough to even drive a motor vehicle.  This strap at …

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CES – Day 3: Thin is in

by James

As America has been gearing up towards the digital TV handover on February 19 (which may now be delayed if Obama gets his way), the obsession at CES over the past few years has been bigger is better in HDTVs. Panasonic is currently the king of the kill with a mammoth 150 inch LCD screen (so huge, it needs it’s own cargo plane and a team of technicians to ship …

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The iHome iHL64 Lamp plays your iPod

by Ally

We’ve mentioned before that iHome would be rolling out a new line of lamps that would connect to your iPod. Well iHome is showing this one off at this year’s CES. The lamp would be great to put next to your favorite chair and listen to your music. It would also be nice for dorm rooms or those that just have tiny apartments. Granted depending on your situation it might …

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