If Blofeld was a gamer…

by Marc

… he’d have one of these. The Emperor from NovelQuest is slightly more than a chair. It’s got touchscreen control panels, surround sound, a top-end Recaro seat and a crazy spec PC / multi monitor arrangement. There’s motorised tilt and swivel, it has an air purifier and I’m sure they could build in a senseo if you asked them nicely enough. They’re custom built to order and available now with …

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Oops – we broke the Movit…

by Marc


GiiNii are going to have a winner on their hands with the Movit. A portable internet tablet with a decent screen and excellent software should be a no-brainer anyway and using Android only increases it’s geek cred. I’d like to be able to talk about the slick user interface, the responsive web browser etc etc. and indeed things were going well. Then after a reboot it powered itself off and …

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Maxell’s New Products include M&M’s

by Mark R

I remember a time when Maxell made some of the finest VHS tapes on the market. Maxell has obviously needed to make changes in order to stay in business. Maxell is now making many other products including iPod accessories, including three different types of headphones. The first are the M&M’s headphones that have the image of the popular candy on each ear. These will be available in five colors including …

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Look Out Motion-control, here comes the Cywee!

by Mark R

I hold to the belief that the coolest gadgets are probably the ones that we do not know about. I met with a lot of big names at CES today like Panasonic, Samsung, and Pioneer, but one of the most amazing devices that I found was the Cywee. The Cywee is a combination of a motion control mouse like the Logitech MX Air and a gun controller for video games. …

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Newber location aware phone number

by Marc


Mobile applications seem to be a bit of a theme this year and Newber is joining the fray with the launch of it’s location aware business number service. The aim is to move away from dependence on a mobile by routing the calls to the nearest landline near you. It adds a second phone number to your iPhone – calls to that number go either to the mobile or a …

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CES: Palm’s Hail Mary gets best of show

by James

With Palm’s stock plummeting almost by the day, it was a rather bold move to introduce a new smart phone to take on the iPhone and the Blackberry. But Palm’s hail mary pass to introduce the new Palm Pre has yielded the coveted BEST OF CES: BEST IN SHOW award. It also won the Best Cellphone category. And it’s got everyone talking about it. So much so that Palm’s stock …

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Ohmetric 3 in one power

by Marc


Ohmetric will be launching this neat 3 in one power adapter later this year. It powers laptops and phones with dedicated adapters and there’s a USB port for iPods etc. The whole thing winds up into a small package for travel and comes with adapters for 20 different types of power connector so you should be able to find something to fit your toys. The only downside is the price  …

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Nyko Wand is more advanced Wiimote

by Mark R

Since I always love Nyko’s products for the Wii, I couldn’t wait to see what they had to show at CES 2009. I was not disappointed, even though their newest Wii accessory, the Wand, is quite similar to a product that already comes with the Wii. Hey now, there are a lot of differences between the Wand and the Wiimote. For starters, the Wand has a rubberized grip so it …

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