Mikey and Eyeball from Blue Microphones

by Mark R

It was too bad that Blue Microphone had their booth way in the back of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES. There were probably many that missed out on two of their newest and great products, the Mikey and the EyeBall. The Mikey is an audio recording microphone that is designed to fit into the end of an iPod 4G, 5G, 6G, iPod Nano 2G, 3G, and iPod classic. …

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Parrot Puts its Best Foot Forward at CES

by Mark R

Parrot always puts out some decent products, so it was natural that they had them on display at CES Unveiled. I found two that are worth talking about, as they were designed by some primo designers. The first is a set of wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck, or “S+ARCK”. These horn-shaped guys are designed for the iPod and iPhone, and can connect to a PC via Wi-Fi or by …

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Digital Foci’s Picture Porter 35 unveiled at CES

by Mark R

One of the problems with camera technology is that we have cameras on all our mobile devices, which leads to an abundance of digital photos scattered about on memory cards everywhere. This is why Digital Foci invented the Picture Porter 35, a one stop place to store all a user’s digital photos. The Picture Porter 35 has a 3.5 inch color screen, and a built-in card reader for CF, SD/HC, …

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Smart-Leaf by Originatic

by Mark R

Today, at CES, I finally got a chance to go over to the exposition at the Sands. For those who don’t know CES, the Sands/Venetian is the where some of the more experimental technologies is at (as opposed to the Las Vegas Convention Center). One of the better products is the Smart-Leaf by Originatic. The Smart-Leaf is a Wi-Fi enabled computer that mounts on the wall. It is made for …

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SimCraft Took me for a ride at CES

by Mark R

We already discussed the Emperor super-power chair from NovelQuest, but in the booth next to it at CES was SimCraft’s racing simulator. That’s real Indy 500 race car driver Sarah Fisher in the photo, by the way. I got a chance to try it, and I tell you, it felt like I was really auto racing. The frame was made of the same materials found in actual race cars, and …

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Victorinox Presentation Pro

by Marc


Relatively few of us actually need a folding pocket knife with 32GB USB flash drive, laser pointer, biometric security and bluetooth powerpoint controller but you know you want one anyway. Even if you never use powerpoint. The new Presentation Pro from Victorinox adds tech to the traditional blades and scissors of the Swiss Army knife. The range includes a de-clawed “flight” model that has no pointy bits making it suitable …

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iCap places an MP3 player with speakers to your hat

by Ally

Many of us have heard about the dangers of wandering around with our headphones on. With them on it drowns out surrounding noises and that is of course not always such a good thing. Which, for adults is a bit on the dangerous side, but for the most part the concern is for the youth. Well this iCap makes an attempt to solve that problem and frankly, they fail miserably …

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Kinesis K2 solar/wind charger

by Marc


“Green” is a bit of a theme this year and solar chargers have started appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes. the Kinesis K2 takes the concept further by adding a wind turbine for additional generating power. On the plus side it needs extremely little wind to spin, on the downside it adds a fair bit of size to the charger and is less efficient than solar. Still, power …

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