Light Touch takes virtual interfaces to a colorful level

by James

Man, it seems like years ago that a small company in Israel introduced us to a light projected keyboard interface. If you remember it, it displayed a red keyboard template and the projector was able to determine what key the user was pressing and translate it to text on a screen. This enabled the user to completely get rid of a physical QWERTY keyboard and provide extra space on the …

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Skype video calls take high definition route

by Edwin


Virtually anyone could have seen it coming, but what nobody made much mention of it. I’m talking about the progression of instant messaging. Did you notice how far Skype has come from the time of its release? First from offering IM services to VoIP, technology has finally caught up with our needs (or more like wants), with Skype continuing to lead the revolution in face-to-face online video communication by boasting …

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IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers

by Edwin


IPEVO is well known for their range of VoIP devices, especially those that function in tandem with Skype. Well, the company’s back at CES 2010 yet again with their latest release known as the Tubular. The Tubular comprises of a couple of three-watt speakers which can be hooked for two-way stereo sound. Apart from that, you can also live out the wireless lifestyle since Tubular is Bluetooth-enabled, where it can …

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Orange rolls out LG G910 in Europe

by Edwin

Orange is the first carrier in Europe to offer the LG G910, incidentally the first touch watch phone in that region as well. First making an appearance at CES 2009 early last month, the LG G910 will be available from flagship Orange stores in Europe later this year, featuring an accompanying Bluetooth headset, a full touch screen interface (make sure those fingernails are trimmed now as we wouldn’t want to …

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by Mark R

Okay, this is going to be my last entry about CES, because I think I have officially done it to death. I mean, how many times can I say “I visited a booth, I saw a cool gadget, here is a description of it?” The answer is at least one more time. As it so happens, I was over at the iRiver booth, and I saw the WAVE-HOME, and it …

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Krown Sign Language Translator

by Mark R

I was pretty excited last week when I covered the VPAD+, a device that allows two-way video communication for the deaf. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention another product that I discovered at CES Unveiled that can aid the hard-of-hearing, the Krown Sign Language Translator. Krown is a company that has a good reputation for making products for the deaf, and the Sign Language Translator is a definite jewel in their …

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VuPoint Solutions PC-C520-VP

by Mark R

It has been about a year since we covered a product from VuPoint Solutions. For those who aren’t familiar with VuPoint Solutions, they are a company that makes digital cameras as well as devices that can convert prints and slides into digital formats. I got a chance to see their latest model of their print photo-to-digital file converter at CES. The PC-C520-VP is a definite step up from the PS-C500-VP, …

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Tri-Specs: All-in-one Shades and Headphones

by Mark R

While I was at CES Unveiled, I managed to see a product that I probably would have missed on the showfloor called the Tri-Specs. Tri-Specs are Bluetooth wireless headphones for an MP3 Player or cellular phone that are in the form of sunglasses. At the ends of the Tri-Specs are two retractable earbuds that the user can put in his or her ears, which automatically turn the Tri-Specs on when …

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