Star Wars Hero Vehicle Bluetooth Speaker look legit

by Edwin

So, have you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens already? Now that is a movie that has certainly fulfilled expectations, that is for sure, although there will still be a small remnant that will not be too happy about certain elements in the movie. One thing is for sure though – the massive merchandise machine behind Disney’s latest movie will continue to roll on, and while we have seen the …

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Gest lets you control your computer without a mouse and keyboard

by Caitlyn


Sometimes when you’re in a great work flow on your computer, you get annoyed at how long it takes to switch between tasks. There are keyboard shortcuts we can use to expedite certain things, but even then they don’t seem like they’re moving fast enough for what we want. While we haven’t gotten to the point where our minds can control our computers, it is possible for your computer to …

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These BeoPlay H8 Wireless Headphones are for rich audiophiles

by Caitlyn

BeoPlay H8 Wireless Headphones

If you look into buying any kind of product, you know there’s a range of quality available. The hard part is finding the best cross-section of quality and price that will fit you. Some people have so much money that they don’t mind throwing it at whatever the coolest looking option is so long as it seems like it will be worth it.

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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch changes on the fly to meet your needs

by Caitlyn

BLOCKS Module Smartwatch

When we’re searching for a new gizmo or gadget, we have to really research our options so that the shiny toy we’re after will be worth the money we sink into it. Smartwatches are all over the place, and if you don’t have one there’s likely the tiniest inkling in your mind that you might want one of these for your own. Of course, there are so many options out …

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The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. Mobile Gamepad isn’t a one-trick pony

by Caitlyn

Mad Catz CTRLR

We all have our preferences for platforms, and within that we have specific brands and types of peripherals or controllers that we like using over others. Long ago Mad Catz was at the opposing end of being our favorite, but with time comes change, and they’ve certainly come out swinging. If you’re looking for a multiplatform device that can be as mobile as your life demands it to be, they …

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The InkCase I6 for iPhone 6 will make your expensive phone even fancier

by Caitlyn


We spend a lot of money on smartphones, because the nicer, newer ones can do far more exciting things than the old ones can. The iPhone made waves when it first came out, and now we’re one the…well, they call it the 6s, but there’s more than 6 different types in existence. If your new phone with pressure-sensitive technology isn’t fancy enough for you, then you’re going to need accessories …

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Inateck Marsbox Speaker Review – Drop the bass

by Caitlyn

Inateck 1

At this point I’ve reviewed enough speakers to know what Inateck might be tossing out there. Most of the time they’ve done their job fairly well, but there’s usually one or two points of contention to take into account. There have been finicky buttons, and their Bluetooth speakers haven’t been able to handle heavy bass, which a myriad of musical genres have. They’re trying to correct this with the Inateck Marsbox Wireless Speaker.


This is what a bicolor abstract geometric painting would look like in 3D. The body is mainly made up of a slanted black rectangle that sits about a quarter of an inch off the ground, as a red slanted rectangle juts out of the face, bottom, and side of it, both having a matte rubberized finish to them. The front is covered in a neatly arranged horde of dots for sound to escape from, and a singular hole is on the top for a microphone. Also on the top is a multifunction key, plus sign, minus sign, and play/pause button. On the back you’ll find a power button, teeny hole for resetting, DC-IN, and AUX ports.

Let me just take a moment to say how awesome the charging and audio jack cables look. The audio cable has the look and feel of a nice red braided guitar cable, and the charging cable is also braided, both having an air of professionalism about them. They obviously do their jobs well enough, but aesthetically, they’re pretty swell. It’s just nice to see something beyond a cheaply made plastic cable once in a while.

inateck 2


Of course, the biggest question in buying something new is how well it does its job. Since the biggest selling point on this speaker is how great its bass is, I obviously needed to put it to the test. After some quality time playing dubstep, orchestral pieces, EDM, and 8bit music much to the dismay of my neighbors, it really does hold to its claim. The last speaker I reviewed could get to be pretty loud, but it basically started destroying itself since it couldn’t handle the beats it put out.

This was easy to pair and easy to use. I can’t really understand why they added a radio feature, though it’s not unwelcome as we all like listening to the same 10 pop songs or NPR from time to time. The only unpleasant aspect of that feature was accidentally hitting the multifunction key to switch it from speaker to radio mode and having the horrifying screech of a non-channel blaring on occasion. It was nice to be able to answer calls by pressing the same button though.

The volume buttons having multiple purposes was a combination of nice and annoying, but mainly infuriating. Since they are giant plus and minus buttons, you generally only think of volume control, so you press it once when you want the volume to go up or down. However, on this device a short click means next or previous track, and the long presses are volume control. These are also what help you move between channels on radio mode, but that just means you’ll have the same issue in either mode.



This speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0, and has a 33 foot range. It uses two 5-watt drivers and measures around 7.3 x 2.4 x 2.4”, weighing in at 2.2 pounds. This uses a 2200mAh battery, which should give you anywhere from 10-15 hours of jam time. It’ll work with anything that uses Bluetooth or can hook in through the audio cable. In the box you’ll get the Marsbox, a charging cable, audio cable, and manual.


Inateck is certainly getting better at its speaker game, but still has a bit of a ways to go. I still worry when it gets to be too loud, as I fear it will shake itself to death like the BTSP-10 Plus did. The quality has vastly improved, but the buttons are still a point of contention for me. It’s great for indoors, though you loose quite a bit of its boom outside. If you’re looking for a speaker with decent bass at your home or work office this will do the trick, and you don’t have to empty out your bank account to get one as it costs $49.99.

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Available for purchase on Amazon

The Batband is a pair of headphones that won’t touch your ears

by Caitlyn


There are a lot of bone conduction headsets out there. We’ve seen ones meant for swimmers, runners, and those who just want a new way to listen to tunes. Of course, with newer innovations, there will come better products, but usually it takes a little time for the cream of the crop to surface. Crowdfunding projects are still on the up and up, but it does give some insight as …

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