hop! the following suitcase

by Alison

True road warriors know that your hands are always needed. You figure the phone is in one hand, maybe a bag over the other shoulder with that hand also pulling your rollerboard. So where is the coffee supposed to go? And forget about grabbing a newspaper. Quite inconvenient. Needless to say, an extra hand would be convenient while going through airports.

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A Phone’s Winter Friends

by Alison

Winter is coming – or leaving…depending on your location. Spending time in frigid temperatures is not so fun. Less fun is hearing your phone ring while you are quickly walking through the cold. Or trying to listen to your tunes while keeping your noggin warm. hi-Fun, an Italian company, sells fun products geared to make our mobile music and phone lives easier. And we found a couple Winter-appropriate products that …

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The Pebble Smartwatch – Your Watch, Your Way

by Julie

It seems as though a good number of us are addicted to our smartphones. I know I’m at a complete loss if I forget my phone, I actually feel completely lost and unproductive, but at the same time, if I have the phone, it always seems to be in the way of something… although I have gotten really adept at doing lots of things with only one hand, there has …

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The One Touch Pizza Delivery Magnet – No Anchovies Please

by Julie

The Pizza, the perfect “I don’t want to go anywhere” meal. It’s easy enough to pick up the phone, place your order and wait the agonizingly long 30 minutes or so till your pizza arrives. Devoured straight from the box, perhaps in front of the TV. Heck it just doesn’t get any better than that. Does it? Well, some folks at The Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai thought it could …

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Nike+ FuelBand – Because Lifes a Game

by Julie

It’s official, Spring has sprung, not that we ever had much of a Winter. I look out the window this afternoon and my thoughts turn to bathing suits and barbecues, not necessarily in that order. The barbecue sounds great, slapping on a swimsuit after a winter that didn’t involve so much as a single sleigh ride or shoveling session, not so much. Well it looks like Nike is at the …

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Smartphone Toothbrush? Really?

by Julie

There are just certain things that I feel need to remain “old school” my bathroom habits are but a few of them, I mean, I really don’t care what new fangled way they come up with… to do, well, whatever it is we do in there. I’m not having it. I don’t want to try it. I don’t want to hear about it, and writing about this next gadget is …

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BluCan Bluetooth Vibration Speaker and Speakerphone from GiiNii

by Mark R

GiiNii, makers of the AudioBulb, had a new product on display at CES with the BluCan. The BluCan is a Bluetooth speaker that is a little smaller than a can of soda. What you can’t see in this picture is that one twist will cause it to elongate so it is taller. The BluCan can seamlessly pair with Bluetooth enabled devices, in order to play your music off the headphones …

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Genius Ring Presenter for your PowerPoint Presentations

by Mark R

Some of you may have used those Air Mice in order to do a PowerPoint presentation, and this is another way to control your slides in a less discreet way. The Genius Ring Presenter allows the user access to Play/Exit and Last/Next Page on the PowerPoint Presentation. This allows for controlling the cursor movement, and for dragging as well as 4-way scrolling. The Ring Presenter also controls the same buttons …

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