Track Your Stuff (and More!)

by Alison

Don’t you love getting old? Hair begins to gray or fall out, or both. You walk into a room and forget why. You lose your stuff – mind included on some days. OK, maybe not all of it is old age. Our busy society means little nuggets of information, previously thought of as important, may slip our minds. After all, you can eventually find the remote control or check outside …

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Style, Performance and Bluetooth for a Limited Time

by Alison

Many home improvement fans know The Novogratz – the husband and wife team, along with their seven children. These home improvement gurus have been featured on Bravo TV’s “9 by Design” and HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz.” Their funky-chiq approach to transforming spaces has given a whole new and hip meaning to family living.

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HOT GIFT ALERT: Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

by Al

Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

Two of the most popular gadget items on the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker are keyboard related believe it or not. We recently highlighted the Laser Virtual Keyboard. But another popular keyboard is the Sliding Keyboard Case for the iPhone 4/4S on Think Geek. For those that have switched from a more keyboard based unit to an iPhone you will appreciate the tactile feel of the keys again. The hardshell plastic …

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HOT GIFT ALERT: Laser Virtual Keyboard

by Al

One of the really cool things about our Gift Picker is it shows us what gadgets and gizmos people are most interested in. Top of the list at the moment (not really surprising as it’s so cool) is the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. It wasn’t long ago that this would of been a conceptual gadget, now it’s a reality, so what more can we tell you about it…

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Finger Friend for Your Tablet

by Alison

Just when we all got used to this darn mouse thing these darn tablets have to come along. And face it, they can do many of the daily tasks of a computer. I know many of you have migrated away from laptop where possible. Touchscreens are easy and intuitive. Yet there are still some minor actions and motions where touching still remains a challenge.

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Redefine Singing in the Shower

by Alison

What is it about getting in the shower that suddenly makes us want to sing? It is obviously the same disease that infects us when we get in our car. I’m suddenly turned into Aretha Franklin or Adele or something. Very scary for those within earshot. But there is something therapeutic about being drenched in your favorite music or news while showering.

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Bluetooth Streaming Wherever, Whenever

by Alison

Walk down the street in any city. How many people have earbuds in? The percentage increases at a frightening rate. The trend is here to stay, that is for sure. So the next quest becomes how to make our mobile audio experience better. We certainly don’t want to risk dropping the phone or device while fumbling around to advance songs. So the device stays securely in our pocket while we …

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Siri, Start my Car! – Viper SmartStart

by Julie

Getting the car started certainly wasn’t anything I ever thought I’d like a gadget to help me with. I mean, you get in the car and turn the key, heck, my car doesn’t even need you to use the key, but now winter is coming, and it’s early in the morning and the car is freezing cold, you know, maybe having that baby warm up for a couple of minutes …

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