A Communicating Helmet

by Alison

There exists a constant war on the roads between cyclists and drivers. Riders deserve their space on the road, yet some hot headed drivers apparently missed that day in driver’s education class. The challenge becomes understanding what actions bikers may take. Sure they teach us the hand signals at an early age but face it, not all cyclers use them. And then there is the fun of blind spots, awkward …

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So Much More Than a Computer Speaker

by Alison

“Nooooooooo” you are saying. “Not another speaker!” There are so many speakers out there, I agree. That’s why we try to keep to the out-of-the-ordinary ones. And Creative did it again with their Sound BlasterAxx. We featured previous Sound Blaster products in the past and have always been impressed with what they do to computer audio. Axx is no exception especially with PC audio’s growing and diverse range of functions.

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Remotely Control Your Home

by Alison

Did your grandparents have a light timer in their living room? I think many did. Back when burglaries were fewer and farther between it made sense. Unfortunately crime is on the rise. (I’ll resist going on a political tangent) Burglars are much smarter. So we the home owners/dwellers must better prepare our domiciles. House sitters have become a popular option. Or maybe your neighbor stops by to turn lights off …

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bēm wireless unveils Outlet Speaker

by Alison

A company that has a name like bēm wireless can only mean one thing – it deals with the wonderful world of wireless connectivity. Thing is, bēm wireless’ latest release would be the Outlet Speaker, and as its name implies, functions as a highly portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker that will plug in directly into an electrical outlet, be it at home or whether you are at the office. The …

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Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device

by Edwin

Do you have trouble trying to live out the resolutions that you made when the clock struck midnight on December 31st last year? Right now, we are already in the last day of the first month of 2013, and if you have already broken your New Year’s resolution(s), take heart, there are still 11 more months to make amends for your past failures. Assuming you want to focus and pay …

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Let Your Phone Feel & Act Like a Camera

by Alison

How many of you non-photographers out there even bother with a camera anymore? Smartphone photography is taking the world by storm. With faster speeds, more megapixels, better lenses and bigger capacity on our phones there remain few reasons to carry a camera. Yet becoming a professional photographer may not be totally possible with these handheld devices. Let’s face it, holding onto the delicate sides of your phone while trying to …

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iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller

by Edwin

The smartphone has ended up to be a pretty decent mobile gaming device in recent times, and it does not seem to show any sign of slowing down at all. In fact, it looks as though it is growing from strength to strength, and dedicated handheld consoles such as the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS need to look behind their shoulders! Well, for those who love gaming in short bursts …

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Portable Performance

by Alison

Plenty of cool looking Bluetooth speakers exist in this day and age. You can get them in shapes of cartoon characters or to fit with your interior or various other iterations. Some are of good enough size to fill a room. Others are meant to use on-the-go. Those of us who have used portable speakers know that the chances of getting quality audio are slim. Often times you pay for …

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