Voice Activated Universal Remote

by Anita

For all you couch potatoes out there, a great innovative product will keep you on the couch and keep your fingers from wearing out pushing the buttons on the remote control was introduced recently. This universal remote allows you to use your own voice to change channels. Not only will you be able to change channels on your television with the voice activated universal remoter but you can control your …

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Watch Live TV on your PSP

by Al


I wanted a PSP (PlayStation Portable) before and after reading a press release from Sony I now want one even more (shame I’m a bit skint). Sony announced today that the PSP firmware version 2.5 includes Locationfree application support . Locationfree has been around for a while now (though hasn’t really taken off that much in the UK yet) and allows you to control, listen to and watch your media …

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Moving data over power lines

by Marc

Devolo dLan

This is a very nice idea that was promised long ago but has taken many years to materialise. Devolo have launched a range of products that will give you an ethernet network in your house by using your mains wiring to carry the data around. Setting up a network is a simple as plugging in an adapter at each location you want an ethernet port.

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The TV Listener

by Anita


Are you tired of trying to hear your favorite television shows with all the noise in the house? Do you always hear your wife tell you to turn down the TV while you are watching the big game? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wish you could turn on the television without disturbing your spouse? If you answered yes to any of these questions then …

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What iZ it, it’s an iZ

by Al

iZ Musical Dancer

As you can probably tell by the picture this is one strange gadget, if we had to guess what it was just by looking at it we’d also struggle. According to the inventors of the iZ the green alien looking thing is an “interactive animatronic DJ/speaker” which basically means it’s a speaker that moves and you can interact with :). You can connect it to your favourite music player using …

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New squeezebox from SlimDevices

by Marc

Squeezebox v3

I’ve long been a fan of SlimDevices and their Squeezebox line of networked audio streamers. I’ve been using them for years and although they are more expensive than the competition the quality of the package (hardware, software and community/support) can’t be beaten. What do they do? They … err… stream audio over a network! Basically the squeezebox is a bridge between your PC hard drive full of downloaded legally bought …

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Naim home cinema in a box

by Marc

Naim home cinema in a box

I like Naim. They’re a uniquely British hi-fi company who insist on doing things their way because they claim it’s better. For example they are one of the few (only?) companies to still use 5 pin DIN connectors for their interconnects because it’s supposed to sound better than the standard phono jack the rest of the world uses. Convenience? Pah! “Whatever it takes to make it sounds good” seems to …

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Pepper pad now available in Best Buy

by Marc

Pepper pad

If there was ever “One gadget to bind them” this might well be it. A tablet PC with a decent screen (8.4″), browser, email client, movie and video players etc plus WiFi, bluetooth AND to top it all an infra red blaster that can be programmed as a learning remote. It looks like it’s got a small but useable keyboard over on the left panel with a number pad on …

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