The VoipBuster IP Telecommunication

by Keith

I am quite sure many of you heard of VOIP (Voice Over IP), and often will relate to the renown Skype Technologies S.A., recently acquired by eBay. Providing several services for many users, including free Skype-to-Skype calls, low tariff rate for SkypeOut, Beta version of SkypeIn and corperate type of Skype Groups, one of the most attractive offers Skype has offered is SkypeOut, with low tariff rates to several countries …

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Edifier MP300 2.1 Portable Audio System

by Keith

Edifier MP300

Edifier, a brand established in Beijing, China, has more than nine years of experience in sound production. Lately, they have unleashed a portable audio system – the MP300, to capture the consumer market. The piece of hardware is actually a 2.1-speaker system, manufactured for the mobile users of notebook (laptops) and portable audio players. Design with a heavy emphasis on portability and mobility, the MP300 offer excellent sound quality even …

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Securhome integrates home security and digital hub

by Marc


2006 is definitely going to be the year of convergence – we’ve seen Microsoft release a new version of XP Media center edition this year and companies are now starting to get behind it in a big way. With the xbox 360 supporting media center extender functionality, the idea of having a “digital hub” controlling your home entertainment is slowly starting to percolate the public consciousness. A nice twist on …

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Compro VideoMate U900 – USB TV Box

by Keith

Compro VideoMate U900

Some of us may be proud of the world’s biggest plasma screen that we have installed at home. The gigantic, flat-screen panel mounted on the wall at your home, exclusive ownership to the one that owns it wholly, giving its master a treat on the various entertainment channels that it could receive from broadcasting stations. Now, not everything that’s big is smart. Have a go at what Compro claimed, the …

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3-in-1 7-inch Portable DVD Player, TV and game system

by Anita


If you are looking for the perfect gift that just anyone would enjoy then you much try the 3 in 1 portable DVD player. It is not only a DVD player, but it is also a game system and a TV tuner. Or you could just purchase one for yourself. This way you can share your DVD movies with all of your friends while picnicking, riding around in the car, …

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What is HDTV?

by Al

HDTV is probably one of the biggest commercial advancements in the video during 2005, though it has been available for a while has only recently become affordable in the mainstream electrical stores. But what is HDTV?

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VOIP – Voice and now Video

by Al


Voice over IP (VOIP) has been one of the technology biggies this year with millions of people saving a fair amount of cash off their regular phone bills. Voice calls are pretty cool but video has got to be the way of the future. This is probably why major leaguers Sony have teamed up with GlowPoint to offer free video and voice services. The major problem with this technology is …

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Football Remote Control

by Anita


Is your husband, boyfriend, father, or son a giant football fan? Do they sit in front of the television and not move during a football game? Do they dream of the years they were on the high school or college football team? If so, they would probably enjoy this cool football remote control. The man in your life and all of his friends will get a kick out of not …

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